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Coming in second place is Massachusetts, where Both Bartlett bridges being replaced were built in the 1930s and are narrow and in very poor condition. States; Search this site. Among states, Rhode Island ranks last, with 55 percent of its 749 bridges rated either deficient or obsolete, followed by 52 percent of the 4,919 bridges in Massachusetts and 47 percent of Hawaii The Interstate 26 bridge over Southern Railway three miles west of West Columbia is the second-worst in the state, according to the report, which takes into account the bridge's safety rating as The safety of bridge structures in Washington state is ensured through a meticulous inspection system. More than one in 10 U. Eight Get TIME photos and pictures of the week delivered directly to your inbox. 23/7/2015 · The Chesapeake Bay Bridge in Maryland reaches nearly 200 feet in certain parts and measures 4. Nearly a quarter of the bridges in Pennsylvania are structurally deficient, the highest of all states, according to Transportation for America, a The States With the Worst Highways in America . North Dakota was the top-ranked state on performance and cost-effectiveness 10/4/2014 · Seven Mile Bridge is a top ranked dangerous bridge situated in Florida, United States of America. 365 TripAdvisor reviewsLocation: 179th Street and Riverside Drive, New York City, NYPhotos: 143Phone: +1 800-221-9903TARGET 8 looks at the state's worst bridges, larger https://www. This is a substantial increase from the $11. 5 percent of deficient bridges is well above the best state (Minnesota, with 8. Since budget year 2013, the state has spent $2. Loera and his team recently unveiled a study spotlighting the most dangerous bridge from each state in America. S. By . 29/6/2013 · States with the most dangerous bridges. The Deception Pass Bridge is located in the U. The Ten Worst Top Ten Two of the worst bridges in Colorado are going to be replaced, but not until 2012. for the aging water system—deemed the worst state nationally in terms of infrastructure worst in the country for the state of its bridges. Over 90,000 miles of 29/1/2018 · 1,178 bridges are posted for load, which may restrict the size and weight of vehicles crossing the structure. One in nine American bridges are rated as structurally deficient, the worst grade a bridge can have The government is spending billions of dollars to fix these bridges, but analysts say the problem is so bad that at the present pace, it will take 21 years to fix every bridge. "Carmageddon" is the name LosEvery state has at least one structurally deficient bridge, which the US Department of Transportation (DOT) defines as when one or more key bridge components (e. 17/9/2013 · The worst bridges — including a series of seven spans along the Belt Parkway, a group of Q train bridges in Kensington and multiple crossings on the BQE — could crumble at …The Ten Most Hated Bridges In America. This Infamous Maryland Bridge Is One Of The Most Dangerous In America. The Royal Gorge Bridge, which serves the main attraction in the park, was built in 1929 and was, until 2003, the highest bridge in the world, with a height of 1,053 feet. Note: The above bridge was replaced in early 2016, according to the North Dakota DOT. Read more at businessinsider. The figures come from the more than 5,700 state-maintained bridges -- about 35 percent of all of the state's 16,000 bridges -- and does not include those maintained by cities or counties. state of Washington. So which of these over 10,000 crumbling US bridges are in the worst condition? The Auto Insurance Center put out a list , which includes the worst bridge in every state, including Washington D. 10-Year Rule does not apply. July 15, 2016 . 5 trillion in debt. The wreckage of the Wellington-Auckland express involved in the Tangiwai disaster. The collapse of a bridge on Interstate 85 in Atlanta on Thursday sent shockwaves through the region, as the 250,000 commuters who travel the highway daily must find new routes to work and school As California plunges to the highest poverty state with 1. — Two Raleigh bridges again rank among the top 20 on AAA Carolinas' list of 100 substandard bridges in North Carolina. Of course, if you’ve ever driven on roads in Massachusetts or New Jersey, you know the situation is worse in some states than others. The bridge in the worst shape is in Southern Colorado. Worst Bridge Collapses of All Time This is the a list of the worst bridge disasters in the world since 1800, excluding events where the casualty number was unknown. Northeast is the worst region. 4% 1,229 7. 3 billion or so), in part because of a ludicrous tunnel built on the Kentucky side, but at least the basic bridge was a sound project. 9 percent deficient bridges) and well below worst (Rhode Island, with 56 percent). Of the state's The U. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration National Bridge Inventory, 2015 data 2015 Rank 2014 Rank 2013 Rank State Number of Bridges Structurally Deficient Bridges % of total 2015 Rank 2014 Rank 2013 Rank State Number of Bridges Structurally Deficient Bridges % of totalThe 10 States with the Worst Roads. 2015 State Reports OREGON: Click to view the 2015 state report for Oregon. IOWA Transportation experts list nearly 5,000—or 1 in 5—bridges in the state as “structurally deficient. These are prior data that apply a cancelled agency policy known as the 10-year rule. 1 FSR. The I-Team used the map from saveourbridges. Proportionally speaking, Rhode Island is in the worst shape: more than half of the state’s 766 bridges (56. Archived Data. It measures 5,988 feet long, and its longest span is 1,595 feet. Below is WGRZ's list of the 49 worst bridges in western New York based on it's "sufficiency rating". National Bridge Inventory: IndianaThe federal government estimates that $17. Beth Braverman // August 25, 2015. They Most Dangerous Bridges In The World. What makes bridges dangerous is that in spite of the condition of the bridge, they are used for various purposes. According to the American Road and Transportation Builders Association, the states most at risk for bridge collapse are: 1. 0 FSR places it among the 12 lowest ranked bridges in the state. This bridge is 1,486 feet long and is about 180 feet above the water level. © 2009-2018 The Fiscal Times. 00 with the county bridge crew building Pennsylvania has 577 such bridges, according to a state Department of Transportation list, although one, the Walt Whitman Bridge connecting South Philadelphia to New Jersey, was fixed over the REGIONAL—A new study indicates Iowa has the third worst bridges in the United States. the deck, superstructure, or substructure) is in “poorAP Crews work on a section of an … Continued The post The most dangerous bridge in every US state appeared first on Business Insider. -- For a little more than a year, a bridge just a quarter of a mile from Mike Aylward's home has been closed on Route H in Scotland County. C. Y. 5 billion was spent on bridge capital projects in 2012, with $6 billion from the federal government and $11. Use the scroll bar at the bottom of the table or swipe to view columns to the right. Built in the wrong spot, way too old, and perched precariously along a major East Coast transportation artery, it was referred Flanked by cites like Tupelo, Starkville and Columbus, commuters living or working in Monroe make regular use of the state’s bridge system. Read on for a detailed look at the 10 most dangerous cities in Pennsylvania. As California plunges to the highest poverty state with 1. Nine of the state's worst bridges are ready to be fixed with money from the economic stimulus being negotiated in Washington. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration’s list of deficient bridges shows that 54,560 of the nation’s 615,002 bridges exhibit structural deficiencies. . 24/4/2011 · So we have the highest paid engineer in the state with the worse bridges in the state and almost in the nation. Trump’s plan proposes allocating $200 billion in grants to spur infrastructure investment from private businesses States with Worst Bridges Face Uphill Battle Making Repairs As transportation advocates push for bridge upgrades in response to the collapse in Washington state last week, it’s clear that some In the previous two years, Pennsylvania was worst in the country and last year there were 5,050 structurally deficient bridges. 14/12/2018 · Twenty two percent of Pennsylvania's 23,000 highway bridges are deficient, which, if you've ever had the misfortune of driving up I-81 in that state, you know in your heart to be true. g. 18/2/2016 · Watch video · The five states with the most deficient bridges were Iowa with 5,025, Pennsylvania with 4,783, Oklahoma with 3,776, Missouri with 3,222 and Nebraska with 2,474. States with Worst Bridges Face Uphill Battle As transportation advocates push for bridge upgrades in response to the collapse in Washington state last week, it’s clear that some states have far The study ranked highway systems in each state according to their cost-effectiveness, which was determined by factors including traffic fatalities, congestion, pavement condition, bridge condition, highway maintenance and administrative costs. We ranked those bridges according to their 2012 sufficiency rating (SR): a percentage from 0 (worst) to 100 (best), which is determined by a Federal Highway Administration formula that factors in The Auto Insurance Center put out a list, which includes the worst bridge in every state, including Washington D. -- New York's highways and bridges are among the most deteriorated in the nation, according to a new report released Monday by TRIP, a national transportation organization. In order to determine which states yield the best and worst return on investment (ROI) for taxpayers, WalletHub compared the quality of government services received by residents to the total state and local taxes they pay in each of the 50 states. Here is a sample from the list:Indiana is the 14th worst state in the nation. And the structure spanning the Saco River has a lowly 29. 23, 2018: We've added records from the National Bridge Elements dataset which provide more detailed information for selected bridges. For the United States bridges overall it fared slightly better the Washington, with a C+ grade. According to the report, just over 20 percent of the state's rural bridgesThe Brooklyn Bridge, which was completed in 1883 and connects Manhattan and Brooklyn by spanning the East River in New York City, is arguably one of the most famous bridges in the eastern United States. One of those bridges is on Highway 25 over Bull Mountain Creek. Here is a sample from the list: • Arizona I-17 over 19th Avenue in Maricopa CountyFollow Your Money. On those roadways, only 251 deficient bridges remain. 5 billion that was spent on bridges in 2006. Among the worst in the state are two Sioux City bridges. Agree bridges are expensive but $100,000. (WTVR) -- Seven of Virginia's worst bridges are located in metro Richmond, according to a report from the American Road and Transportation Builders Association. the worst of which was an F5 monster that TARGET 8 traveled to one of the state's worst bridges for a closer look at why Missouri has one of the highest number of structurally deficient bridges. The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest suspension bridges in America. The magazine based its rankings on eight categories. Flickr/George Kelley Fears have risen across Europe about infrastructure following the deadly collapse of a stretch of a motorway bridge in Genoa, with experts warning that some road bridges are in a dangerous state 23/5/2013 · An Interstate 5 bridge over the Skagit River in Washington has collapsed, a spokesman for the Washington State Patrol said Thursday. 26/11/2018 · The actual bridge was too expensive (also $1. So poor, in fact, that the bridge over the railroad track's 11. Here are the top 10: Interstate 65 over CSX railroad tracks, Burnet Avenue and Hill Street, 112,238 11/1/2017 · The state government, though trying its best with homeland security but the battle for safety on and under Lagos bridges does not appear to be a winning one for security agencies and the state More than 40 percent of Genesee County’s bridges are ranked as structurally deficient or functionally obsolete, according to the Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Association (MITA). Finally, we ranked every city on the “Dangerous Index” with the lowest index being the most dangerous in Pennsylvania — McKees Rocks. GREENSBORO, NC -- Eight of North Carolina's worst bridges are located in the Piedmont, and two of the top three are less than five miles apart in Greensboro, according to AAA Travel Service. The map covers all 50 states. Those include health care, education, economy This bridge is located in Deception Pass State Park, Washington. ” 2. We evaluated those dimensions using 42 relevant metrics, which are listed below with their corresponding weights. With more than 1,000 bridges that have been deemed "structurally deficient," a national transportation group has rated South Dakota fifth worst in the nation for bridge quality. States With the Worst Bridges The bridge that collapsed May 23 on Interstate 5 north of Seattle had been struck by a truck hauling an oversize load, authorities said. Highways and all state-owned roads were evaluated. In New York State, bridge inspectors assess all bridge components. highways and interstates. 30/9/2009 · The bridge has been rated one of the city’s worst. Iowa has more bridges that need repairs than in any other state, according to a national transportation trade group. Over the last 10 years, 2,684 new bridges have been constructed in the state…9/3/2016 · New Jersey's 34. bridges need repair or replacement, according to Transportation for America, and some states …Missouri ranks among the worst states when it comes to deficient rural bridges and roads in poor condition: 11 th in percentage of structurally deficient rural bridges and tied for 10 th for the percentage of rural roads in poor condition (23%). Of the state's 5,481 rural bridges, 1,176 are considered "structurally deficient," meaning they are in need of repair or eventual replacement, the report said. Rhode Island, the state with the worst roads, also has the highest share of deficient bridges, at 56%. By clicking on a particular icon, one can readily see information taken from the Federal Highway Administration and state transportation agencies describing when the particular bridge was built, how much daily traffic crosses the bridge, …50 States, 50 Things America Must Fix Now. SIOUX CITY, Iowa - According to a recent report by the Federal Highway Administration, the state of Iowa has the second worst bridges in the country. Focusing on repairing roads, highways and bridges will help. Underneath the Major Deegan Expressway in the Bronx, with its rusted columns and pock-marked surface, a major trade association on Wednesday released its list of the worst roads and bridges in New York City. The most dangerous bridge in every US state Business Insider As you go in one life period to some other or when the advantage covered improvements your plans should be reviewed. previous; 1 of 11 ; next; Oregon. Auto Insurance Center says the state’s next most structurally deficient bridge is located on US Highway 83 The state ranked number two in fatalities in 2009 (after Montana), and high marks for poor-condition roads and bridges give it the dubious honor of having the worst roads in the nation. The Centennial Bridge was one of the bridges highlighted in their report. no shoulder and no chance of not screwing up the entire tri-state area if there's a breakdown. It, from an appearance, does not seem to be much scaring, but when you start crossing this bridge, the chances are there that a terrible hurricane or storm might stop your way. A recent analysis reveals the most structurally deficient bridges around the US. The U. Business Insider - White House press secretary Sarah Sanders has admitted that Congress will likely not pass President Donald Trump's massive infrastructure plan this year. RICHMOND, Va. The builders say just over 14 hundred of the state's 19 thousand bridges need work or are dangerous. Poor-condition mileage rank (1=worst): 2 out of 50 Deficient bridges rank (1= worst): 16 out of 50 Fatalities rank (1=most): 47 out of 50 Congestion rank (1= worst): 6 out of 50 Despite the tolls New Jersey collects on its stretch of Interstate 95, also known as the New Jersey Turnpike, the state is fighting a losing battle to maintain its The Missouri and Mississippi rivers largely contribute to the high number of state bridges. Click to see how your states' infrastructure ranks. There are a total of 3,195 structurally deficient bridges in Missouri, ranking it as the state with the fourth highest number of bridges in this category. The Seven Mile Bridge is a highway resting just 65 feet above the Gulf of Mexico. Using 2017 data from the US Federal Highway Administration, Auto Insurance Center found the most structurally deficient bridge — based on the highest number of components in poor or worse condition — in each state and Washington, DC. "I think that bridge is 120 feet long, but I ASCE has compiled state infrastructure report cards for all 50 US states and the District of Columbia. Over 90,000 miles of roads and 71,000 bridges are in dangerous disrepair, according to a 2010 U. Charlotte, N. 5 percent) are deficient or obsolete. Deficient Bridges by Highway System 2015. Enter an address to locate nearby bridges and see which ones are structurally deficient — bridges requiring significant maintenance, rehabilitation or replacement. Eisenhower's Interstate Highway System gave America the world's longest road system. It’s a two-lane bridge linking Whidbey Island and Fidalgo in Deception Pass State Park. the deck, superstructure, or substructure) is in “poor” condition. 22/2/2013 · When you go across a bridge, you expect it to be sound and sturdy. The Tappan Zee Bridge is, and always has been, a bit of a disaster. next. 4 billion fixing many of the 6,800 bridges located on state and U. myMap: 'Structurally deficient' bridges in Washington state The 2012 National Bridge Inventory shows 143 state-maintained bridges classified as "structurally deficient," which means that a bridge "requires repair or replacement of a certain component, such as cracked or spalled (damaged) concrete or the entire bridge itself," according to the Three hundred bridges become structurally deficient each year in the state of Pennsylvania. The bridge was built in 1951, but hasn’t received a rehabilitation project since. A bridge can be dangerous for a variety of reasons either because it could be very old, narrow, too high, over a quick river or if wooden floors gone missing. Pennsylvania tops the states with one in four bridges being deficient. According to TRIP, 21% of of the stae bridges are deficient with another 6% qualifying as functionally obsolete. We all know that infrastructure has suffered in Louisiana over the years, and now we are paying the price. Beth Braverman . Instead we found PETALING JAYA: A woman who uploaded on Facebook a sarcastic video of her husband and daughter crossing a dangerous bridge has apologised to a state assemblyman, but not before the post went viral Tucked inside the state's 12-year transportation program is a list of 29 state- and locally owned bridges in Lackawanna County designated as priority projects by the Lackawanna/Luzerne Effingham, Il (Via Springfield, Il) - Illinois is in the bottom five states when it comes the number of deficiReason Foundation’s Annual Highway Report ranks the performance of state highway systems in 11 categories, including spending per mile, pavement conditions, deficient bridges, traffic congestion, and fatality rates. That's one percent added to the already 23 percent they already have. According to the National Bridge Inventory, the worst bridges, generally with a score below 50 percent, are classified as “ structurally deficient ” due to at least one defect that requires Three hundred bridges become structurally deficient each year in the state of Pennsylvania. Graffiti everywhere you can't go for a hike without seeing it in our national forests, on rocks on boulders, creeks, trees on walls, bridges, schools trains, bathrooms. Geographical features and weather conditions can make road construction and maintenance much 22/9/2014 · Cross If You Dare: The Most Terrifying Bridges in the USA just the commute on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel from Virginia’s rural Eastern Shore to the west of the state…structurally deficient bridges % structurally deficient bridges number of bridges number of structurally deficient bridges structurally deficient bridges as % of total inventory number of structurally deficient bridges structurally deficient bridges as % of total inventory 17 29 Alabama 16,129 1,200 7. 4/11/2011 · The ranking of the metro areas with the worst bridges relies on data from the FHWA's 2010 National Bridge Inventory, which tracks the condition of over 700,000 bridges. There aren’t too many places in Maryland considered dangerous but if you ask someone the scariest place to drive in the Old Line State, they will almost always say across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. 29/6/2013 · In many states, the situation is more dire. 29/1/2018 · And 15 of the state's most traveled structurally deficient bridges are in Jefferson County. Bridges, Colson and Wichita State will help erase college basketball's worst offseason ever Mercifully, we have come to the end of the worst offseason in college basketball history. The water washed away the Washington Street bridge and nearly 7,000 families lost their homes. Almost 10% of them need to be repaired or replaced. Every state has at least one structurally deficient bridge, which the US Department of Transportation (DOT) defines as when one or more key bridge components (e. Anyone who’s taken a great American road trip knows that while this country does many Traffic moves slowly on the 405 freeway things well, taking care of its roads and bridges doesn’t seem to be a top priority. In the State of the Union message last week, President Obama announced a Fix …Watch video · Bridges across Europe are in a dangerous state, warn experts Collapse in Genoa shows how key tunnels and crossings are reaching the end …Seven Mile Bridge. If the drive over this foggy strait in the Puget Sound isn't particularly scary to you, try walking over the narrow pedestrian lane at the edge of the bridge. PIRG study. The 8 Most Dangerous Bridges In Louisiana Aren’t For The Faint Of Heart. “Working with the Mississippi Office of State Aid Road Construction in 2017, MDOT developed a plan to get the worst of the timber-pile bridges into compliance, which included closing any bridges Together, the two counties accounted for seven of the state's worst 20 bridges. In order to determine the best states to raise a family, WalletHub compared the 50 states across five key dimensions: 1) Family Fun, 2) Health & Safety, 3) Education & Child Care, 4) Affordability and 5) Socio-economics. According to new information, however, gephyrophobia might be justified—depending on The U. 4%The Dangerous State of American Bridges Despite dozens of new transportation and infrastructure projects underway in the United States and President Trump's call for new roads and public works , tens of thousands of bridges across the country are currently falling apart . Find a wide variety of these bridges in countries like India, Malaysia, Philippines, Pakistan, Nepal, as well as in the interiors of some other countries. In cities with Fears have risen about the condition of infrastructure across Europe after the deadly collapse of a stretch of a motorway bridge in Genoa, with experts warning that some road bridges are in a dangerous state. 3-miles long from end to end - and for some motorists, getting …20/6/2013 · In the United States, more than 11% of bridges are structurally deficient. All rights reserved. They pinpointed bridges that were structurally deficient, or in Loera's terms, "when Fear of bridges is a common phobia, and one that many have overcome through therapy or breathing exercises. 12/31/2015. Chris Perkins. Federal and state used the rating to determine which bridges are in most need of repair. com/news/target-8-looks-at-the-state-s-worstTARGET 8 traveled to one of the state's worst bridges for a closer look at why Missouri has one of the highest number of structurally deficient bridges. Percent of roads in poor/mediocre condition: 65%. 6% -2. They just can't fix them fast enough. S. But despite the bridge's bad rep, SCDOT says this year was the first time since 2001 it was able to reduce the overall number of substandard bridges in the state. On this bridge, there are different heart touching views of the rushing water directly below from this bridge. DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATIONThe state requires all highway bridges to be inspected at least every two years and is one of the few states in the nation that requires bridge inspection teams to be headed by licensed professional engineers who have undergone specific training. komu. A recent study identified the 8 most traveled bridges labeled as “structurally deficient” in our state. New report ranks worst counties in Oregon for aging bridges, finds state’s 439 structurally deficient bridges carry 1,000 vehicles every minute 4,032 of the state’s 8,052 bridges are locally-maintained, Transportation for America is an alliance of elected, business and civic leaders from communities across the country, Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado, USA This tourist attraction was the highest bridge in the world until 2001, and also has a park, crammed with other tourist hits such as zoos and rides, attached to it. 5 billion from state and local sources. Miles Bridges grabs a huge block and then a buzzer-beating layup on the other end of the floor as the Hornets lead big at the end of the third. Crumbling dams, roads, and bridges. 15/2/2017 · There are over 612,000 bridges in the United States. 11/10/2016 · Worst Bridge in the Tri State Region Horrible wait times to cross the bridge, long lines, poor maintenance and continual construction problems make the GBW a nightmare to travel at peak and weekend travel periods. New report ranks worst counties in Oregon for aging bridges, finds state’s 439 structurally deficient bridges carry 1,000 vehicles every minute 4,032 of the state’s 8,052 bridges are locally-maintained, Transportation for America is an alliance of elected, business and civic leaders from communities across the country, Bridges comes up with big block and buzzer-beater. BridgeReports. The study notes since 2004, more than 1,800 bridges in the state Worst Natural Disasters in Each State 3/10/2015. This bridge is also considered as one of the most dangerous bridges of the world. On a positive note, state officials say they have tentative plans to replace Greensboro's worst bridge in 2019. The Transportation for America study based its rankings on the percentage of structurally deficient and functionally obsolete bridges in each state. Unfortunately, the project selection process in most states seems to alight upon the worst projects while the best go unfunded. No wonder it’s one of the scariest bridges in the United States! That’s like crossing a bridge higher than a 100-story skyscraper. ARBELA, Mo. 4/12/2007 · The Tacoma Narrows Bridge is a pair of mile-long (1600 meter) suspension bridges with main spans of 2800 feet (850 m). A new study from a nonprofit national transportation research group lists the worst states when it comes to rural road and bridge safety. By Steven Peters October 21, > Deficient bridges: 23. Next, we averaged the two rankings into one “Dangerous Index”. 1/21/15 11:15am. But longest doesn't mean best, especially now that infrastructure spending has tanked. 7% (25th highest) > Added vehicle costs: $282 per motorist (25th lowest)SYRACUSE, N. com to investigate about a dozen Tri-State bridges, expecting to find a series of dangerous spans in desperate need of replacement. Since 2013, the state's ranking has slipped from fifth to fourth worst in rural bridge quality in the nation. Probably your protect should be increased (or decreased) or you will need to prime it down with a rider. The 47-year-old Interstate 440 bridge over Hillsborough Since budget year 2013, the state has spent $2. 20/6/2013 · In the United States, more than 11% of bridges are structurally deficient. Replacement of the Bronco Arch Bridge on Interstate 25 and the Santa Fe Street Bridge, both in Denver, have been 2016 Annual Bridge Report Source: U. States With the Worst Roads. When applied, the '10-year rule' excluded bridges built or reconstructed within the prior 10 years since they were not generally eligible for Highway Bridge Program funding Over five months after the White House sent President Donald Trump’s infrastructure plan to Capitol Hill, the proposal has stalled among Congress members on both sides of the aisle. SHARE OF BRIDGES STRUCTURALLY DEFICIENT OR FUNCTIONALLY OBSOLETE BY STATE RHODE ISLAND HAS THE WORST BRIDGES OF ANY STATE IN THE NATION 56% RI 24% US AVG Rhode Island ranks last in the nation -- 50th out of 50 states – in overall bridge condition SOURCE: U. com is a searchable version of the National Bridge Inventory (2017 edition), a database of 626,488 bridges on public highways in the United States. The first bridge, nicknamed Galloping Gertie, was opened to traffic on July 1, 1940, and became famous four months later for a dramatic wind-induced structural collapse that was caught on color motion picture film. Columns on some of the wide tables may be not be visible. Update Sept. Iowa trailed only Pennsylvania and Oklahoma. A new listing by US News and World Report ranks Iowa as the number one state in the nation. In order to get from Southern Florida to the Keys, a driver needs to take the Overseas Highway. All public bridge owners, such as Washington State Department of Transportation, counties and cities, follow the same bridge inspection procedures