The most weird lifestyles around the world

  • In Indonesia, Martabak is one of the most popular street foods, it is rich buttery pancakes which is a delicious sweet treat of Malaysia and Indonesia. The Most Beautiful Places In The World. Really absurd. com. 55 of the Strangest Superstitions From Around the World. Finland is the birthplace of wife carrying, a sport which sees male competitors race along an obstacle course while carrying a female team-mate. However, there’re so many other marriage customs from around the world not many people know about, some bordering on the weird. Although landslides are rampant throughout Rohtang Pass, the precaution is worthwhile when you consider you’ll see some of the most beautiful glaciers, rivers and clouded mountaintops in the world. A grim gallery of weird foods from around the world – from strange food to downright disgusting food, see pictures bound to get your stomach churning. And in some cases, it’s their actual tastes that vary wildly, and going from country to country all over the globe, you’re bound to come across some of the most truly bizarre foods you can possibly imagine. While most people probably do not consider the contents of their cookbooks too strange, to a foreigner your lunch could be the equivalent of a nightmare. Strange, but true. But today we are going to show you the most weird and strange coffees around the world. 1. This is followup list to the 10 most bizarre festivals. And they all have unique Lifestyle › Food & Drink. However, the age of this tree is not known and is estimated to be ranging somewhere around 1200 to 3000 years old. The city contains hot springs and travertiness, terraces of carbonate minerals left by the flowing water. > Lifestyle > who we are > 10 Bizarre Traditions From Around The World That Will Make Your Jaw Drop. 9 weird Easter traditions from around the world It might be a weekend of feasting on chocolate bunnies in Blighty – but some countries will be celebrating with a death dance, or burning their Seismic waves, originating from the French island of Mayotte, between Africa and Madagascar, traveled around the world. Aside from delicious cheeses and wine, the Swiss know how to make good chocolate. Your travel bucket list just got a whole lot longer. VIDEO lifestyle I Don't Know How She Does It - Aussie Girls Taking Life To The Next Level! Here are nine of the most weird and wonderful fertilty rituals still observed in different parts of the world, as researched by Holland and Barrett. Maple Taffy: Well, you all might already be aware of what taffy is, so you can think of this as a weird spinoff of that. Raraj February 7, 2014 at 7:08 am The 20 Craziest, Strangest, and Most Extravagant McDonald’s Around the World Gallery Founded in 1948 by brothers Dick and Mac McDonald in San Bernardino, California, the first McDonald’s was a self-service drive-in restaurant serving 15-cent hamburgers, potato chips, and soft drinks. Weird Worm will help you live your life with style, class and enormous amount of weirdness and peculiarities. An accurate, descriptive title can help people discover your post. Around the world, humanity has a grand history of holding some rather bizarre attitudes toward sex, and whether it leads to sexual proclivity or prudishness, there are a ton of strange happenings regarding sex. In Japan, however, making slurping sounds while eating has an entirely different meaning. It seems strange that the world’s most populous country could have so many ghost towns, but China’s zeal for construction far outstrips demand. Check out these entertaining options. com is home to the best syndicated columnists for advice, opinion and commentary - including Focus on the Family, Ann Coulter, Dear Abby and News of the Weird. The Earth is home to more than 298000 species of plants. Take a look! Flying around the world by broomstick and entering each house by chimney, the good witch delivers toys, clothing and candy to well-behaved children. mp4 0:56 World's Most Dangerous Animals Fights -- Most Dangerous Animals Fights -- HD Videos - Video Dailymotion The Jews' Talmud, their most holy book, and the Jewish Cabala are full of sexual content. I hope this article broadens your perspective of Christmas. Here, Phoebe Lowndes picks 14 of the world's most awe-inspiring destinations. Tuna eyeballs - Japan (Image Courtesy Most societies around the world have rules about table etiquette. Today we have a collection of images of interesting and unique houses from around the world, from cave dwellings and tree houses to soccer-ball-shaped shelters, toilet-shaped homes, and portable Why you should go: Though there are many smaller offshoots of Oktoberfest around the world, Munich's original fair is the biggest beer festival in the world. Boomer the dog has a bone to pick with the world. In countries like Brazil, Argentina, United Kingdom, prostitution is legal but not regulated. I have collected some of the stunning, unique and amazing facts from around the world and have narrated them through the images. As you can imagine, there are quite a few fascinating facts about education from around the world and in this article we are going to take a closer look at 20 of them. Website for moms seeking advice, community, and entertainment. These destinations have framed their own quirky little tradition that speaks romance in the most unique way. ‘The President’, one of the largest sequoia trees in the world, is in California. Imagine everything being normal and then living in this world would have the most monotonous things to do here. In seven U. Most of the dishes in this piece 1. Denmark and Norway. What surprises us the most is the unusual laws that are beyond our imagination! There exist some weird marriage laws in different countries around the world that will take you by surprise. Here are some of the oldest funeral rituals in history, ones that take death to a whole new level of macabre. For the love of one’s own self we tend to do a lot of things but this one is one of its kind. They were recorded throughout Africa and as far away as Chile, New Zealand, Canada and Hawaii, nearly 11,000 miles away. The taste, the aroma, the buzz, and that little ritual you go through every time you make a cup. Normally the meat is from the vegetarian animals and carnivorous’s flesh is not consumed in many countries around the world. Blood Sausage. There's no better way to get a real Jamaican From poop coffee to puke coffee: 5 types of weird coffee around the world On the occasion of International Coffee Day, we take you through a journey of the weird types of coffee around the world. 8. 18 Bizarre Things That Have Been Banned Around the World. But these 10 laws are still in operation, and it's anyone's guess why. 10 of most bizarre marriage and divorce laws from around the world All is fair in love and war – or not, in some of these strange scenarios! Weird News Irish dancing baby could give Michael Flatley a run for his money Six-month-old baby doing The River Dance is a viral sensation after dad shares clip The Most Stupid Dog Around Funny Pranks and Funny Animals Clips 2014. " If Ruben ever retires, the company could hire Tom Cruise—he certainly likes to jump on furniture . With this thought in mind, we have made this list of the most bizarre festivals around the world that have made us feel proud as a Odd Stuff Magazine user’s community. The Mediterranean diet isn’t the only global cuisine worth copying. PC: thrillophilia Lifestyle. You may already know some of them, but all of them are very fascinating and give you an insight in to other peoples cultures and traditions. Bummer . Have a look at them. Simply the World’s Most Interesting Travel Site. To begin, head to a hole in . Most of the weekends are about going out and savouring some freshly made cocktails but in some places around the world, these things are weirder than you can even imagine. lifestyle to travel every week by email 13 of the most bizarre Christmas traditions from around the world. Even though most bathrooms fall somewhere on this scale, there are some that are so outside the box that they can’t be categorized. Lifestyle Love and Sex Architecture has come a long way in the last few centuries. Housing almost a quarter of all the world’s incarcerated citizens means that mealtime efficiency is at an absolute premium in the American prison system. Afghanistan: Afghan Rice (Kabuli Pulao) One of the most unique and characteristic features of this tree is its trunk, which is known to be among the stoutest in the world. It’s strange, yet incredibly true, that the people of Marlington, West Virginia celebrate a roadkill cook-off every September. which has around the same alcohol content as wine. But not many people know about the more unusual sports — like toe wrestling, for example. A woman in Houston married herself as she promised few years ago that if she found no one by the The most obscure sports around the world that you've probably never heard of - There is no shortage of competitive sports around the world. Yes, the most advanced European nations as well as the most advanced nations in the world don’t get the top spots for quality of life. Unfortunately, some of our neighboring nations from across the pond In Thailand chocolate covered crickets are very popular, this sounds a little weird but people enjoy this street food especially children. Do share some of your own finds while I design my own one of a kind toilet that puts these to shame! 13 Best Fresh Scent Perfumes for Women 24 Weird But True Thoughts About Life That Will Blow Your Mind Vagina Beer Made From A Model’s Vaginal Yeast Set To Hit The Shelves Humidifier vs Diffuser: Which One Is Right For You? There are various pet laws around the world, which actually helps to protect the animals from cruelty and other harms. The name of this food festival certainly doesn’t disguise what they celebrate. Believe it or not, we still have many weird cultural practices and crazy traditions all around the world that you would never imagine to exist in the busy and advanced 21 st century. From an underwater restaurant to a spectacular dinner in the sky, these weird restaurants deliver spectacular food and a truly unique dining experience. This process is slow (on the average it takes about 30 minutes) and is probably fairly cruel. www. Top 12 Most Beautiful Flowers in the World Listovative 50 Most Beautiful Flower Pictures And Photos. I also remember that when I was growing up in Russia, my birthdays were always celebrated the same way when I started school. It’s the pun that has to be made at the start of an article on weird foods from around the world, because the majority of what we The world is indeed a crazy place, but even we didn’t realize just how strange things could get until we came across this Quora thread; it details some of the most outlandish facts about some of Shaniece Windsor has 10 pen pals around the world, and the letters keep her feeling hopeful that we can still connect as humans, without judgment or politics And in the ancient world death was an infinitely more complicated affair, evident in the bizarre death rites practiced from culture to culture around the world. 10 New Years Dive – Siberia, Russia Every year on New Year’s Day, divers from around the world take a dive into lake Baikal, the deepest lake in the world. Lifestyle. The top 10 lists of trivia from around the world in the lifestyle category You probably think that most McDonald’s locations around the world look more or less the same, and that’s because they do: a rather plain-looking building or storefront (some more modern than others), with an interior of chairs and tables bolted to the floor, a counter, maybe a Playplace, and not much else. Recent Posts. As culture represents geography, identification, lifestyles and much more,if we study about various cultures around the world we can encounter unusual things too. Here is a list: 10 bizarre traditions that are still observed around the word. The source of income for an actor is not just the acting contracts his manager lands for him. It may sound totally weird and bizarre to us, but it is perfectly acceptable to the true believers. In countries like Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Netherlands, prostitution is legal and controlled by the government. The children in this tribe are married at infancy but at their yearly Gerewol festival, men put on makeup and costume to impress women. Often, those rebellions are expressed through violence, but mostly they are displayed through clothes or music. This is one of the most bizarre and disgusting sex laws ever. Baby walkers. it isn't exactly like this in every part of the world. Weird Laws Around the World. Most of these houses are local landmarks and have a distinctive theme or artistic look about them. I’m talking about the luxury to taste all those new foods around the world, broaden your culinary horizon, and calibrate your taste buds. Hilarious, yet true, these pet laws are bound to give you ‘paws’ for thought (sorry, we couldn’t resist!) and may make you think twice next time you consider taking your lion to the cinema in Baltimore or try to teach your dog to read in Connecticut! The most surreal places on Earth aren’t just spell-bindingly beautiful, but possess the power to transport you into a fantastical reality. Here are some healthy eating habits to borrow from countries around the world—and some practices to leave at the border. Festivals. It is made by taking pure maple syrup, boiling it, and then pouring the molten syrup over clean and fresh snow. TALK to most experienced cops anywhere around the world and they’ll tell you they’ve seen some pretty strange things. Follow me No matter the additions and extras brought in to make the marriage ceremony one of a kind, it's basically something most people in North America, Europe and most of the civilized world today knows about. Christmas is here and so are the weird traditions that take place around the world near this special date. Unfortunately, not all unusual prison food tastes good. We're not the only nation in the world to ban the most ridiculous, and the most innocuous of things. Weird vegan food. If you think you are living in a normal town, then let us introduce you to some weird towns in the world that would jolt you out of complacency and normalcy. One thing that sets humans apart from other members of the animal kingdom is a tendency to develop customs around almost everything. Martabak: Indonesia. The Beitou branch of the Taipei Public Library system received the highest EEWH rating lately: the diamond rating for being the most eco-friendly structure in the country. From cardboard armoured sword smiths to flaming footballs these are the most insane sports in the world. Strap yourself in because these facts, figures and quirks on schooling around the world is going to take you by surprise. While there are some truly incredible and tasty dishes all around the world that make us drool just by thinking about them, there are some that terrify us and make us think twice about what do we eat and consider it normal. The world's most successful and widely shown animal artist. . Come and celebrate your holidays in a unique fashion, defying the usual. With Christmas this upcoming Friday, I figured I would break down some of the craziest rituals around the world. Whatever you want to call it, there’s no doubt that sex makes the world go ’round. By then pray to everything holy that the strange man in your kitchen is preparing one of the following hangover cures: Trending in Lifestyle. Many sports, such as baseball and volleyball, are known around the world. Photo credit: wikipedia The meat of carnivorous animal has harmful parasites and it is dangerous for the human body. The World’s Most Bizarre Food Festivals. 13 of the world's most bizarre Christmas traditions. The vivid imagination of the human mind has created few of the most Bizarre buildings around the world. Food & Drinks It has become more accepted around the world, but there are still a few that have shock value. The Weirdest And Most Bizarre Prison Food From Around The World Recipe Primary Server Mirror Download [#1] The Weirdest And Most Bizarre Prison Food From Around The World Recipe Mirror I Mirror Download [#2] The Weirdest And Most Bizarre Prison Food From Around The World Recipe Mirror II It’s the most wonderful time of the year. 7. They even went ahead to create the world record for having biggest orgy ever. You may be most familiar with the flies that hover around your fruit basket or kitchen. Professional Pushers. Popular traditions and lifestyles vary dramatically from place to place, and those associated with homeowners and homebuyers are no exception. Chan, 33, is among the most intriguing emerging leaders around, and not simply because she’s married to Mark Zuckerberg (who most definitely is not a crier). Italians don’t mess around when it comes to drinking, it’s all about quick sticks social interaction. Since rice is so easily obtainable and transported, countries around the world use it as a base for their meals, using their national spices and culinary flares to make it their own. We would like to keep moderation to a minimum, so please mark anything with possibly disturbing/offensive images as NSFW. It’s time to take a trip around the world and delve into all the weird foods our species like to chow down. Gruesome food: 20 of the world's most bizarre dishes. But if you think the traditions celebrated in the United States are strange, the ways people celebrate around the world will blow your mind Everybody in the world has to do it. From a penalty on growing beards to fees for cow farts, here are nine bizarre taxes that acutally existed. The Kanamara Matsuri festival in Japan is a celebration of the penis. You have to see these places to believe them. Pamukkale, meaning “cotton castle” in Turkish, is a natural site in Denizli Province in southwestern Turkey. Although they may seem bizarre 11 Most Bizarre Oreo Flavours From Around The World You Would Never Think Of round up some of the most bizarre OREO flavours from around the world you may not The world is a weird (and wonderful) place. Unfortunately, the world isn’t only full of those tasty breakfasts we spoilt you with a while back – if only. While these houses do not seem to built to solve generic problems like those in the modern architecture category, they do solve dreams for their creators. 12 Strange Hangover Remedies From Around the World. Billionaire Rich Lifestyle - Lifestyles Around The World 2015 Wealthy wannabes and 24-carat gold millionaires mingled at the Billionaire Club's Monaco Grand Prix after party, Sunday. com In what culture do they aim a bow and arrow at the bride? Weird sports around the world. Fortunately, pet laws are developed around the world which ensures the betterment of these creatures. Some of these are natural while others result of human imagination. Tipsy turvy: 8 most interesting bar concepts around the world Dewi Nurjuwita Writer, SG You know you’re stuck in a drinking rut when you’re bored to death of the same places and faces every Friday night. With enormous passion for writing, research has been done every day to provide new topics and interesting things for her readers every day. The 10 Most Unusual Schools from Around the World Infographic details the top ten most strange schools from around the world. The most surprising LGBTI stats and facts from around the world This couple spent a year collecting fascinating LGBTI data to answer every question you can dream of The Most Bizarre Delicacies That People Eat From Around The World. If you're about to say that they're "weird" only because of our own xenophobic ignorance of other cultures, well, we have two words for you: Poop toys. These geckos, which live for more than 10 years, occur in the tropical forests of the central to north east coast of Madagascar , according to Reptile Magazine. Here are some interesting festivals of Armenia :) 1. Most societies around the world have rules about table etiquette. Preparing the poisonous fish dish, Fugu, is such a delicate task, the Japanes chefs who prepare it have to undergo years of training and have passed a test. In this festival more than 250 men and women had sex in a warehouse at the same time. In 2013, more than $96,178,668 worth 5. From Germany's Christmas pickle to the Yule Cat -- take a peek at some of the strangest holiday traditions from around the globe. One such empty city is Thames Town. Food is no exception. Please let me know if you know of others that belong here. You may also like to read: 20 Weird Things In Japan Besides all my naughty tales in Destination Poon, one of the most memorable aspects of travel for me is food. 11. Star nosed mole. Most will agree that laws are important, and a needed way to keep society in order. You will get to know strange stories and reasons behind such Customs and Cultures. 9. We provide you with the much desired articles. 10 of the most interesting customs around the world. Eaten in Africa, Asia, America, and Europe. Sex can be a bonding or loving experience, a formality, fun and exciting, or even immoral or illegal. Mexico: Las /r/NewsOfTheWeird is for weird and wacky news reports from all over the world!. All wood used for its construction came from sustainably managed forests. Entire cities sit mostly empty, with vacancy rates on even new homes nationwide approaching 20 percent. 5 of the Most Bizarre Alcoholic Drinks in the World. Trees permanently altered by the wind in New Zealand. A gallery of photos of strange and amusing Guinness World Record attempts and achievements from around the world. New Zealand’s “Owl Parrot” is an undeniable oddity– large, flightless, nocturnal and ground-dwelling, weighing up to 9 pounds at maturity. Celestial Eyed Gold Fish. 10 Successful Bollywood Stars Who Were Rejected Earlier For Their Looks; 10 Bollywood Actresses Who Look Beautiful Even Without Makeup One person’s weird is another one’s delicious: from China to Italy, US and Iceland, here is a list of weird foods people from around the globe eat. The record for the most pregnant woman doing yoga was set in 2013 in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen. Made famous by world renowned child star exploiter Disney in conjunction with overbearing parents, Lindsay Lohan gained fame early on in her life as an adorable little redhead with freckles and better acting ability than most other 10 year olds. In some countries, Tuesday the 13th is the unlucky day, not Friday the 13th. Hitler Chic-Thailand. The decadent food of the rich and famous has found its way onto spa Uexpress. If you’re wondering why you haven’t heard anything about that, it’s because this invasion has been into the world of fashion. 533 woman participated. This list looks at some of the most weird areas around the world. However, strange customs do not create surprise. My family has a regimented routine on Christmas, but families from countries around the globe top any tradition I personally have. While wine is the number one beverage, beer too has its place. For western cultures, noisily consuming food is considered rude. Even the most knowledgeable global citizen is bound to be surprised by some of these strange facts about different countries around the world. Born Gary Matthews, the retired technology worker and self-confessed "nerd" thinks that he is a dog. We'd love to hear the stories behind these before they got implemented. states, according to their constitutions, atheists are barred from holding public office. What it's like to eat tarantula (and other weird foods of the world) When considering the most extravagant thing you could ever do to your face, covering it with caviar may rank near the top. Followings are 10 most strangest plants around the world. So it is okay to have sex with animals in Lebanon, the only rule is that the animals should be females. There are many countries in the world with extremely stupid laws. Big Shocking is focusing on Weird, Strange and Bizarre Things of Our World, our articles explore the hidden secretes of science and technology. The serious bit…. These 10 most unusual schools from around the world are sure to make you look at education in a whole new way! Then, this is your work spot. Photo this tranquilo lifestyle is why all Colombian of carts of tinto being wheeled around, Around the world, humanity has a grand history of holding some rather bizarre attitudes toward sex, and whether it leads to sexual proclivity or prudishness, there are a ton of strange happenings regarding sex. But the exception is also a word which has its own meaning since there are most of the happenings in the world which are taken as the exception from the normal routine. Star nosed mole are found in moist low areas of eastern Canada and the northeastern United States. Today, we’re talking about the weird, the interesting, and often quirky realities encountered by homeowners—and home buyers and sellers—around the globe. Here is a list of such top 10 weirdest fashion trends in the world, such strange styles are listed in the article. And from a rose-coloured lake to a Japanese island ruled by cats, we've got twenty pictures to prove it. A 144 year-old wisteria in Japan is one of the largest in the world. If you know some more, Do share them with us. 1) The Cardboard Tube Fighting League. Ever wondered if all people across the world follow the same types of lifestyles that generally exist? There are some surprisingly unusual ways in which people prefer spending their lives. The Chapel Oak of Allouville-Bellefosse has grown straight through a church. The tentacles are cooked in many ways and eaten all over the world, but most of the time it’s eaten live. This dessert is highly popular in Canada which is already famous for its amazing maple syrup. The diverse group balance nature and life on Earth. World Food Day: 9 BIZARRE dishes from around the world! To celebrate World Food Day, we have decided to curate a list of nine most Some of the most bizarre beaches to visit around the world Glass Beach, California, USA Pink Beach, Bahamas Jokulsarlon, Iceland Boulders Beach, South Africa Papakolea, Hawaii, USA Giant’s Here are the strangest superstitions out there. Source. Switzerland may not be the first to come to mind when you think of foodie countries around the world, but it has a lot to offer. Here are images from some of the most incredible ghost towns in the world. Most weird subcultures around the world represent the form of rebellion against society. I like being a part of that. They’re drunk, on drugs Here are the 10 most dangerous traditions that specific cultures from around the world adhere to. 10. Earlier this year, the city of Bangkok has been invaded by Hitler. #10. However, while everyone knows the big ones, like football, soccer, tennis, hockey, and swimming, there are many others that are no less exhilarating. These eleven parties represent some of the most strange and unusual political movements in the world. McDonald's most recent affront to the Gallic sensibility is the chain's invasion of the hallowed Louvre Museum, the former royal palace that holds many of the world's greatest art treasures People all over the world have different tastes in all sorts of things. Depending on where you are these traditions from around the world may appear a little strange, but to others they are part of their history and heritage, Here’s a list of the most unusual. Sick! Home Lifestyle Culture 10 Most Strange and Weird Love Cultures around the World. Consider this a public service and an education to save you from shock when 9 Most Bizarre Sexual Cultures and Practices Around the World. The strange baobab trees in Madagascar. Here are some of the weirdest and bizarre bathrooms from around the world: 1. People commit crimes for many different reasons. There are various other sources through which an actor earns more than he does with acting in TV series and movies. 2. Roadkill Cook-Off – West Virginia, USA. In fact, there are a whole host of different political parties, all with their own platforms and agendas. Here are some of the most bizarre foods you may encounter as you travel around the world. Unlike impressive combinations of cocktails that make for a wonderfully tasty path to drunkdom, these are the most bizarre: Instead of highlighting the most searched for trends in porn this year—which tend to average out along the same predictable lines of "milf," "teen," and so on—it looked at "the most bizarre Many weird events happen around in the world, where people are ready to get naked and promote nudity and this is something shocking, as it makes us wonder on the reason as to why such kind of events even started! There is nothing more haunting than a once-thriving town that has been abandoned and consumed by the elements. Wife-carrying is a fully endorsed sport in Finland, with competitors from all over the world congregating in Sonkajarvi each year for the wife-carrying championships, and the sport itself is said There are a lot of traditions that seems really bizarre to the world where it is not followed. Agreed that was the most funny tradition I cam across, all others traditions around the world listed in the post are weird and scary. 10 most bizarre architecture around the world that redefine eccentricity, The world is full of queer and bizarre work of nature. Top Ten Most Amazing Flowers And Their History YouTube 25 Most Amazing And Weird Flowers From Around The World. And while speakers of English and other European languages grapple over a mere 26 letters, !Xà ³à µ, by some counts , has 122 consonants alone. Given their embrace of satanic sexual symbology, it is thus no accident that the Jews today are the masterminds and distributors of the vast majority of pornography found over the internet and in movies. The world is a strange place full of sights, sounds and strange toilets. 15 Most Weird City Names Around the World. As weird as it sounds but the men in the Wodaabee tribe of West Africa’s Niger are known to steal each other’s wives. The Cape sundew, native to South Africa, traps insects not with rapid movements or weird pitcher-shaped appendages, but by slowly wrapping its “arms” (its sticky, sap-covered leaves) around its prey. Before that, the recent shuttering of the Sears store, also on Broadway UNITED NATIONS, New York – Today, leaders from around the world opened the 48th session of the Commission on Population and Development, where they will take stock of the world's development and the welfare of its people. Eating carnivorous Animals. This world can be the weirdest of the places where strange verges on to the bizarre at times. There's a fun festival for almost every interest (or food). Big Shocking is an entertainment blog attracting millions of unique visitors every month. Come the morning of January 6, happy faces awake to a bounty of treats tucked into their stockings. So here are the 10 most weird festivals from around the world that you never knew about! 10. These are weirdest, most ill-conceived toys from around the globe. 1/13. Xà ³à µ is spoken by around 3,000 natives of the Namibia and Botswana regions in Africa. We presented few of the Most Weird Cultures around the World. Most famous in Japan this job is meant to make people reach their required destination on time, be it their work places, school or even somewhere else. Cultures represent the geography, identification, lifestyles and much more. If we travel around the world, we can explore unique cultures and traditions. I would ink too if I knew my friends were being skewed up for a snack. It is an extremely rare abnormality that occurs when a fetus gets trapped inside its twin. 30 LISTS Cool-Looking Animals Lists of creatures around the world that are simply beautiful (or, at least, very interesting). The world is full of strange places, hidden treasures, shocking secrets. You can see the uniqueness of Armenian culture through Armenian festivals. On Valentine's Day, men send rhyming love notes or 'Gaekkebrev' to women anonymously, with only a set of dots matching the number of letters in the sender's name. The Most informative and Addictive Website in the world A ban on 'arousing' chili sauce and a law against getting intimate on a parked motorcycle appear on a list of the most bizarre sex-related legislation around the world. The main ingredients for the dishes in this contest 6. 15 ridiculous delicacies from around the world that will make you gag Hannah Gale Monday 30 Jun 2014 1:26 pm Share this article via facebook Share this article via twitter Share this article via The most remarkable ability of this fairly rare lizard is to mimic a leaf. World Biggest Tomato Ever Seen Tomato is a herbaceous, usually sprawling plant in the Solanaceae or nightshade family that is typically cultivated for the purpose of harvesting its fruit for human consumption. Wait 'til you hear what some women believed about acorns. During your visit, take the Belle Epoque Chocolate train to the Cailler factory, the birthplace of milk chocolate. Its village can only be accessed through the Luoma Way, leaving students to negotiate their way through narrow passages, rickety bridges and sheer precipices on their 5 hour journey to school (see picture). Some of them are really Interesting once you explore them. Lifestyle Gallery Advertising. Suddenly, the entire world didn't revolve around me for a day. And let’s not even get into the Elf on a Shelf idea. Weird and wonderful designs from the masters of unusual architecture. The most eco-conscious building in the country is also a famous library in Taiwan. 'Night Hunting' in Bhutan. Prostitution is illegal in many countries around the world including the United States. Bizarre-Looking “Kittens” Were Found, But Then Vets Tell the Rescuer This… Mandarin Oriental concierge reveals the secrets of the world's most luxurious hotel These 14 weird, wonderful and downright bizarre hotels, will make your trip one to remember! When you’re travelling, all hotel rooms can start to look the same. 25 Most Amazing and Weird Flowers from around the world The 15 Most Beautiful Flowers In The World. A ban on 'arousing' chili sauce and a law against getting intimate on a parked motorcycle appear on a list of the most bizarre sex-related legislation around the world. Sputnik takes a look at some of the most unusual ones. This world is so big and so many are the places, cities and countries in it. There's a wooden cabin built around the aircraft, with furnishings in hand carved teak, and the rear bedroom has a handcrafted deck on the wing, from which guests can watch toucans, sloths and weird and wacky Salem hosts the world’s biggest Halloween party A TOWN that made its name killing witches hundreds of years ago now draws people from all walks of life to celebrate the biggest Still craving pizza, despite these strange toppings? We are, too! And while there’s always a reason to order pizza, consider giving Johnny’s a try for all of your football season catering needs. Whether you’re celebrating a religious festival, like Hanukkah or Christmas, or a more secular occasion, you’re sure to have your 11 of the most bizarre divorce laws from around the world (including killing a cheating spouse) Nicole Morley Friday 23 Oct 2015 1:12 pm Share this article via facebook Share this article via Give your post a title. Well, we know Most people tend to focus in on the peculiar foibles and eccentricities of their own family, feeling as though theirs is a strange one but still loving them nonetheless. Below are 10 little-known facts about the world as it stands today. Here are 8 things you can do that delve into the weird, whacky and plain old twisted. Bizarre News. Around the world, humans enjoy a wide variety of foods – and every traveller out there has encountered their fair share of foods that are just plain weird. This little writing maniac is always happy to see the number of audience increasing, and thanks to you awesome people from different parts of the world who visit this blog. S. There are countless Cultures all over the World. Omotolani Odumade is a lifestyle reporter at Pulse A fun loving creative writer, lover of life, food, travelling, cuddles and Ice-cream. For a couple of weeks every year the world takes on a magic glow, people seem merrier and even winter somehow feels cosy. The World's Most Entertaining Car Website A one-stop shop for all things video games. Here are ten of the most bizarre traditions from around the world that will make your jaw drop! 10. As for me, the Armenian culture is too unique and interesting. As tax season is round the corner we thought of sharing some fun stuff on the subject with you peeps. If your experience with lakes has been as ordinary as mine, take a look at these weird, amazing lakes around the world, from Pepto-Bismol-colored lakes in Senegal and Western Australia, to a frozen lake in Russia, to a bacteria-filled lake in Yellowstone that's as stunning as it is potentially lethal. 13 Superstitions From Around the World. Religion can be understood largely as an attempt of a group of individuals to understand Existential questions based on a set of cultural practices specific to that group. Music, movies, television, politics, and so forth. Perhaps this explains the bizarre “nutraloaf”. This is one among the most ugliest of ugly A culture is said to be unique if it is said to have different types of food habits, traditions, clothing and culture when compared to other cultures. Read on for 50 of the most absurd laws from around the world. others are downright bizarre. We live in a world with so many countries, cultures, religions, and customs. However, if we study about the cultures in the various parts of the world, we may encounter countless weird things too. Easter hog-nosed snake is one of the creepiest snakes around the world due to their bizarre facial structure. The Kakapo is one of the world’s most critically endangered species, with a known population of around 125. Strange coffee beans are no exception! We love coffee. The world's most pressing issues need smart solutions, but that doesn't necessarily mean high-tech. This tree has been recognized among the UNESCO tentative list of World Heritage sites. In 2001, the Burmese government allowed limited internet access of some website, but the internet traffic still has to pass through government servers. There are some very bizarre events that occur around the world, these events or festivals are time to enjoy and entertain people around. Hidden within the mountainous village of Gulu, it is the world’s most remote school. Rohtang Pass, India . If you’ve ever been involved in recruitment then I’m sure you’ve come across some weird and wonderful CVs in your time (check out 99 other hilarious ones if you fancy a giggle). The weird Bizarre conditions of diseases in the human body are given in this article. The nations with the highest quality of life (and also the happiest in terms of life satisfaction) are not necessarily the wealthiest nations. Here is a breakdown of some of the best and most popular rice dishes around the world. I would love to know more of their weird and bizarre sex facts from around the world. The list includes natural places and those created by mankind. So today we’ll discuss some weird festivals that are celebrated across the globe, so let’s start. Timothy A tortoise that was present during the bombardment of Sevastopol during the Crimean War in 1854 and survived until 2004. While most range from the moderate to the extreme, some defy such simplistic characterization and can be referred to only as bizarre. With a rapid growth of snuggle sessions around the world candidates are also hired on decent amount. While most us know of the various delicious cuisines around the World, listed below are the most bizarre food items that are eaten all across planet Earth. So, before we dive into our culinary tour of the some pretty strange food from around the world, you should ask yourself how much you really want to know about the eating habits of your fellow But there are also some festivals that are very strange but we can’t say anything as different people have a different belief in their own festival. Be it the Bermuda Triangle or the sailing stones of the Death Islamic Places Around The World And The Most Important Islamic Places Around The World And The Most Important Historical 0:25 CCTV Video of Car's Side Mirror Being Stolen - Bizarre _ Weird Videos Even though the ban on this infamous law has been partly lifted, I had to include it in my list because this is one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever come across. For some reason these designers have gone a little too far when trying to make their experience unique. Weird Laws Around the World 50 Weird Laws From Across the World. I’m just going to leave that there. The Super Bowl is the most popular day of the year for pizza consumption. Matador is a travel and lifestyle brand redefining travel media with cutting edge adventure stories, photojournalism, and social commentary. Not this time. If we happen to travel around the globe, we explore numerous cultures and traditions having some very unique traits. The hog-nosed snakes are endemic to North America and are considered nonvenomous. Stay in the loop! Get breaking news and big stories on your desktop. These moles have the most bizarre noses in the animal kingdom. He wants to be accepted for his doggie lifestyle. While various cutting-edge innovations, such as mind-controlled robotic body suits and microchip In recent days, one of the most popular conversations I've had with various folks is about the Kmart closing on Broadway. From all of the bizarre street foods around the globe, here are the truly weirdest ones. Let's see the top 10 most bizarre lifestyles of all. Some plants produce beautiful pleasant smelling flowers, some produce nutrient-rich fruits, some have medicinal properties and some have the totally strange appearance. Yes, there’s actually a country that bans its citizens from wearing blue jeans. From wizarding magic, to forest based classes, it delves into the most curious of educational establishments. Rennes-le-Chateau, France. Just out: The World’s Least-Touristy Countries 2018 I have gathered 25 seemingly strange, crazy or mad traditions from around the world. Morgan Cutolo Dec 03. The infographic below is full of weird and wonderful pet laws found around the world. But some of these insects have the most unusual lifestyles on Earth. Bhagat, they discovered, had one of the world’s most bizarre medical conditions — fetus in fetu. Alaska It is illegal to tie a dog to the roof of your car. Offal good. There are quite a few bizarre customs around the world. Seriously, some people will turn anything into a sport. She is a doctor who has become a Top ten weird and wonderful wedding traditions from around the world January 14, 2014 - 16:41 GMT hellomagazine. flickr. No matter how big a coffee buff you are, we bet you haven't tried them all. This is probably one of the most weird and bizarre foods from around the world. Sodomy is illegal, in general, in Idaho, Utah, Michigan Perhaps the most famous mall on the planet, Dubai Mall is the world’s largest at 13 million square feet (the size of more than 50 soccer fields!) with 1,200 shops. 14 Weird and Wonderful Condiments Around The World Posted by Brent Furdyk on March 22, 2017 While ketchup and mustard are among the most popular condiments North America, this is certainly not the case in other parts of the world. People love to explore out-of-ordinary-things. Marfa, Texas This small desert Weird and wacky festivals around the world. 10 Most Strange and Weird Love Cultures around the World travel, lifestyle Here we brought top 10 most weird and ugliest of ugly animals around the world. Cardboard tube fighting puts all those years of fighting your kid brother with a toilet roll to good use. Later, they even went ahead to release the DVD of this celebration. Check out these odd (and sometimes questionable) theme restaurants from around the world collected by weburbanist. The world's most critical diseases were explained. Weird 7 strange religions around the world. Buildings have gone from using lava as clay for walls to having the ability to electronically rotate to change up the view from the But trying strange new things can scintillate the taste-buds in exciting and new found ways. Spotted Lake, British Columbia, Canada Spotted Lake has long been revered by the native Okanagan (Syilx) people and it’s easy to see why they Not all guided tours are to art museums and cultural sites
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