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  • San Francisco, CAAccount Status: VerifiedDown With Patreon - Homedownwithpatreon. Visit Patreon U! PATRON BILLING. 543 Followers. What my patreon is about: Early access to NSFW drawings / content. I think he’s a smug, self-assured liberal, but at least he has principles about free speech. 3:07 Patreon Q#2 – Have you thought about slowing down?“Unless it owns Patreon, which is apparently the case. A Patreon spokesperson did not answer that question when I posed it, but said in an e-mail, “We think this is awful, and our operations, product, and engineering teams are heads down taking both Here is my review of Patreon. We would normally recommend to wait for some time in between the final notice for removal and asking to be reinstated. I did this to help give you the tools to know whether or not this will be something that will help you, as well as give you the tools you need to get started. ” Spencer noted that he could have been shut down due to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) listing him …Summer’s over and things are cooling down. Please try again later. “Patreon’s rationale for banning IGD was provided by the Alt-Right and duly recited back to them by Patreon’s CEO. These marketing platforms (Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Twitter, Facebook) …Patreon is a platform that allows people who make things -- everything from music to blog posts to journalism to comics -- to to run a membership business for their fans. . You can't expect that they will behave any other way. ”Patreon backs down from new fee after uproar from creators and patrons. 51. orgFREE Patreon Files For The Sims! Every Friday New Files Are Posted! We are formally known as EmmasSimposium. PATRON RESOURCES. On the home screen of the Law of Self Defense Patreon page — once you click through the “18+” warning that blocks access — and scroll down about halfway, the page and business are described as “an educational and legal consulting enterprise focusing exclusively on American use-of-force law (self-defense, defense of others, defense of 6/2/2018 · And fans don’t have to hunt down the content elsewhere. I am hoping to lenghten the time inbetween logins, from a few hours to at least every 5 or so days. Downwithpatreon. Getting Your Membership Site Started. This week, a slew of Patreon creators who make suggestive material Every month Jack Conte (Co-Founder and CEO of Patreon) goes live with the Patreon team and creators around the world to answer your questions, share learnings from fellow creators, and have all kinds of unscripted live shenanigans. (website was briefly down due to some testing lol. 213. com online!patreon. ' />FREE Patreon Files For The Sims! Every Friday New Files Are Posted! We are formally known as EmmasSimposium. CREATOR RESOURCES. Patreon. The company has begun to …21/7/2017 · https://patreonsucks. A member of Patreon's “Trust and Safety” team, contacted her, and told her that, while they support free speech, they actually don't, and her account would be closed. 19/12/2018 · “Patreon’s Takes MAJOR Hit After Banning Of Sargon of Akkad. com/2018/patreon-acquires-memberful-anCan you walk me through how this went down from your perspective? Drew Strojny: Absolutely. Exclusive access to . com the website. 6 replies 51 retweets 109 likes. ” Hi there, thanks for the tweet. 10/4/2014 · Recently, the folks over at Patreon reached out to her, suggesting she create a profile on their site. Likewise, creators can share content updates with their patrons or respond directly to their comments. According to Vice News, YouTuber Carl Benjamin, otherwise known as Sargon of Akkad, made up to $12,000 a month through Patreon before being removed on Dec. Like. Basically, Patreon just became a major player in the membership site world. Fimfiction is on Patreon now! By donating you can get yourself a spot on this page, an ad free experience*, a special note on your name** and the warm, fuzzy feeling of …Patreon — an online fundraising platform — shut down Lauren Southern's fundraising profile on Friday, describing her activities as "likely to cause loss of life. com/patreonOne thing that really bugs me about my Patreon is thatwell, I seem to be getting only about half of the amount that's being pledged! Now don't get me wrong, I realize that Patreon takes a percentage of the donations. deviantart. All files due to be posted there will get posted here instead. Want more than a reference?Cover Lay Down is proudly ad-free, but music hosting isn't. We recognize that we need to be better at involving you more deeply and earlier in these kinds of decisions and product changes. . Each point displays the average response time during each 20 minutes of the last 24 hours. com. com availability from different countries Check other site We check this website, now patreon. Just the fan funding. 29/6/2018 · Patreon has begun a fresh crackdown on users who make and sell adult-related content services on its crowdsourced patronage platform. As a Memberful customer, you might be surprised by this news. The far left tried to take him down but found in him a formidable opponent who grew only stronger with opposition. Author: Olympus ReptilesViews: 1. Patreon projects that its payout to Creators will be $150 million for 2017. Patreon is empowering a new generation of creators. A message sent out to supporters (which currently stands at 88 patrons) stated that there is a possibility that the campaign could continue. Since it was founded in 2013, the company has reached 1 million monthly active Patrons, paying an average of $12 a month, and 50,000 active creators. Patreon currently hosts a crowdfunding page for the Antifa website It’s Going Down, which earns over $1,100 a month despite openly promoting violence towards police officers and “capitalists. 109. Fundamentally, creators should own the business decisions with their fans, not Patreon. It's our last one of 2018, so let's make it a good'un. Retweet. Some online content creators …After days of backlash, Patreon is rolling back its plans to introduce a new service fee that posed an existential threat to the way indie artists do business on the platform. Hey you! Quit your day job. While many may welcome the deplatforming of far-right provocateurs, the deplatforming 3,598 Likes, 170 Comments - Jacqueline Goehner (@jacquelinegoehner) on Instagram: “Finally posted the rest of my VIP Patreon DropBox this morning! (Patreon was down most of the day…”7,499 Likes, 106 Comments - Vivid Vivka (@vividvivka) on Instagram: “Last week to sign up to my Patreon! Get down with the nudes, lewds, and bewbs. 29/9/2017 · Following the example set by various social media and crowdfunding sites, as well as payment processors such as Paypal, Patreon has started down that …Thanks to Patreon, the concept of the “starving artist” is one that may soon become a thing of the past. Sam Harris, the 13th largest Patreon account, shut down his account abruptly following a statement by Dave Rubin and jordan Peterson over the banning of Carl Benjamin, aka Sargon of Akkad. 17/1/2018 · Conte says he has plenty of time and capital to perfect his business model and insists that “down the road, I would love for Patreon to be a public company. I really just waned them to post some quality stuff and acknowledge that they shouldn’t have been using Lennys lost job as a patreon reason. Are we giving up? Are we shutting down? Quite the opposite. Memberful has been growing fast, and our growth has even accelerated in 2018. I will be using… by nanzo-scoop In fact I started vlogging simply because I didn't have the time to sit down and write content. Support and engage with artists and creators as they live out their passions!Man I feel kind of down. The two modders in question, who go by Brutal Ace and Khaledantar666, both had Patreon pages that solicited donations from fans. The list of improvement grows at the same rate, our releases slow down. , Dec. “The right feels that if people can just stop the NGO ships, it will de-incentivise human traffickers who are putting people on dangerous and poorly maintained ships which sink and cause people to drown. Z has been taken down due to a DMCA request from Nintendo. patreon. Account Status: VerifiedIs Patreon Down? : patreon - reddithttps://www. 2: Patreon (On supporting the muse in an age of commercialism) Great covers come from a myriad of sources. com so that we can review the situation. Funding portal Patreon has announced plans to take care of complicated new VAT payments for creators selling their content within and across Europe using the platform. It’s right in the Patreon app alongside their other exclusives. The mods have no affiliation with Patreon other than (some of us) being creators on the site. It takes 10 bucks a month on Patreon to watch the "Baker" whip eggs, sift flour, and add her wet ingredients to her dry ingredients in the nude. 44 notes. 27/10/2017 · Not long after, Patreon also withdrew funding to It's Going Down, a hardline left-wing news website. So again, kudos to Sam Harris. com There's not much on the website yet as I just set it up - but you'll start to see all the old normal posts from patreon soon! Be patient through the hiccups if you have Patreon, the service of choice for independent artists and creators, has once again cracked down on adult content makers. wikipedia. Down With Patreon has a poor description which rather negatively influences the efficiency of search engines index and hence worsens positions of the domain. They had a lot of patrons, more then some of the better youtubers I follow. "3/7/2018 · If this is a logistics screw up by Patreon, too bad, so sad, they eat the loss for their screw up. Patreon - 230 9th St, San Francisco, California 94103 - Rated 3. #freethesimsfilesforeveryPatreon doesn't care about anything other than pushing their own worldview by any means necessary. In 2017, controversy roiled the crowdfunding platform when it banned libertarian journalist Lauren Southern. com server status over the last 24 hours automatic checks. Crowdfunding platform Patreon sought to defend itself Monday night amid a brewing controversy among some users and patrons of the website who were calling for a boycott …This is the Patreon Q & A from March 2018. She has lots of tiers including the “Custom pledge” option which seems to appear on every Patreon …If tumblr goes down in flames here are other places you can find me: My patreon is the best place to be for cc even if you don’t want to donate. com is also down for you then there is likely a problem with their servers. 9KPatreon | DeviantArthttps://www. Singaporean network of influencers SgInstaBabes has seemingly closed its doors, or at least on social media, after coming under criticism as a campaign on Patreon, which encourages subscriptions The crowdfunding site's engineering team have blocked the access point at fault -- shutting down the debug server and moving non-production servers behind a firewall -- and are taking steps to We allow smartURL creators to track who has clicked one of their links. Patreon is a way for people, whether they be fans, readers, or viewers, to …Learning online reviews of Patreon. Patreon is a membership platform that gets artists and creators paid. Twitter will use this to make your timeline better. 6. Retweeted. Conte avoids talking about Gamergate Patreon is a platform that allows people who make things -- everything from music to blog posts to journalism to comics -- to to run a membership business for their fans. We have tried accessing the Patreon. 9Kpatreon is down or blocked? Check site patreon. I wanted to learn more, so I tracked down Jack Conte, Patreon’s cofounder and CEO. YOUR ACCOUNT. Vu’s salary decreased by 20% since he dropped his nonprofit work schedule down to four days a week so he can write on Mondays and spend the weekends with his family (He used to spend Sundays writing). 4. Reply. Over the time it has been ranked as high as 1 133 099 in the world, while most of its traffic comes from …Patreon won’t outright shut projects down, instead considering the context of the project in question, “including personal, historical or educational narrative. 4/4/2018 · Meanwhile, hydrogen chooches in a fusion reactor 93 million miles away to get the pixies dancing in some intricate silicon mazes at the NiHaoMike Blockchain Research Center, trying to wrangle some zeros and ones into relief packages. confirmed today that it attempted to get the Patreon for the PlayStation 3 emulator RPCS3 taken down by invoking its rights to Persona 5 under the Digital 7/12/2018 · No one had a chance to experience these perks because Patreon shut down the page “as we don’t allow association with or supporting hate groups on Patreon. I will be using… by nanzo-scoop. This pledge is per month like all of the other tiers. We overstepped our bounds and injected ourselves into that relationship, against our core belief as a business. A few times that Patreon let down creators, the entire team of ~85 people at the time cried in unison. And a couple of people deleted their pledges, and I know that would also be a factor. com is down or if it is just me? Plus others tools for your website. Because we’ve passed the second milestone, I have got my colorist working on the first page of ISB Issue One and I am SO EXCITED. 5 million in …After further backlash, Patreon deleted the account of It’s Going Down, an anarchist group involved in doxing which had frequently been cited as evidence of a double standard by Southern’s supporters. Here's Why. CLIPs for my finished work. We recommend two-factor authentication for extra account security. The Patreon page set up by Alvin-Earthworm for Super Mario Bros. We maintain this website to share The Sims patreon files with The Sims community. This prevents a patron from taking advantage and selecting the highest tier, reading the work and then dropping down to a lower tier to get charged. com is down for us too there is nothing you can do except waiting. 0:48 Patreon Q#1 – What should teaching and research in the humanities look like? I’m going to grad school for literature and I don’t want my work to serve ideological possession. From inception of a project, down to the nitty gritty of setting up elements like chat communities and restricted content and forums. So long as Lubos regularly withdrew the money from his Patreon account, there isn’t a lot they can do. We analysed reviews from different sources and found out that this domain has mostly positive reviews. We have tried pinging Patreon website using our server and the website returned the above results. All of my cc will still be …After making the video, Kieran Shiach decided to come to Sina Grace’s aid by rallying the troops to take down Richard C. I've never seen a company in which everyone is so emotionally invested in the success of the product. Shape Created with Sketch. For support, please contact @patreonsupport. As Motherboard reported Thursday, a number of adult content creators have been suspended from the Because Patreon sees WMM and emghypnosis as sites that have content that violates their community guidelines I have withdrawn from their service. Burn It All Down Creating the feminist sports podcast you need Patreon creator for 1 year Dec 11 MxR Mods Creating Skyrim and Fallout 4 Mod videos Became a Hot Creator No actual earnings data for such creators is provided or endorsed by Patreon. Patreon booted Benjamin for using offensive slurrs on another YouTuber's channel. Trello is the visual collaboration platform that gives teams perspective on projects. TLDR; I'm setting up a Patreon page. Patreon may shut it down and cut off some of PayPal, GoFundMe, And Patreon Banned A Bunch Of People Associated With The Alt-Right. RESOLVING ISSUES. We allow smartURL creators to track who has clicked one of their links. Use Trello to collaborate, communicate and coordinate on all of your projects. While he did use offensive language, Patreon failed to understand he was clearly turning the epithets against racists themselves. Get your own bird avatar on Patreon and become part of the bird gallery. In response to the backlash, Patreon CEO Jack …The Patreon page remains live, albeit with a huge portion of its posts and pictures of models taken down. com is up but it's not working for you, you can try one of the following tips below. 15/2/2016 · It may be down, but not out. Liked. org/wiki/PatreonPatreon (/ ˈ p eɪ t r i ɒ n /) is a membership platform that provides business tools for creators to run a subscription content service as well as ways for artists to build relationships and provide exclusive experiences to their subscribers, or "patrons. ounce futanari nsfw variant patreon release public sketch colored sketch full body hentai dick penis PENISSSSS swimsuit sweat kemonomimi hide my art. This is 'no doubt part of the ongoing efforts of the Left to deny all platforms to those who reject its agenda. We're Patreon - ongoing funding for artists and creators of all kinds. 6, Vice News reported. And it looks like it could get shut down for good on Aug. Previous videos on the PatreonPatreon is the official app for the eponymous patronage network, thanks to which fans can economically support their favorite content creators. Patreon is a platform for artists, musicians and other creative types to seek financing directly from supporters of their work. #freethesimsfilesforeveryCheck if patreon. Writing for NAF literally costs money. So as an alternative, I thought that I might possibly shut down the blog for a few months as a way of getting time to work on the book. [35][22] Patreon CEO Jack Conte subsequently announced that he would be expanding the company’s appeal process, regretting the initial With Deplatforming of Yiannopoulos, Patreon Joins Facebook and Twitter on the Slippery Slope of Censorship . 3 Tracks. Indeed, trying to take down an entire fundraiser with jordanbpeterson Patreon, Twitter, Youtube - earnings, statistics, graphs, and popularity rank updated daily21/6/2017 · White Supremacist, “#TradLife” Activist, Doesn’t Understand Why Patreon Shut Down Her Page Posted on June 21, 2017 by _ After having her Patreon account shut down a week ago, Traditional Life proponent Ayla’s account was once again removed for not complying with the website’s community guidelines. com website using our servers and we were unable to connect to the website. They concede it may not be legal for everyone, but in any event, that would be irrelevant to the DMCA notice filed against their Patreon page. 21/12/2018 · In this latest spat with Patreon he was accused of racism and had his ability to fundraise shut down. Unless something heavily fradulent and/or illegal happened it’s virtually impossible for Patreon to recoup the funds they paid out already. com/r/patreon/comments/3rqt8b/is_patreon_downEmpowering a new generation of content creators. Beyond that I have 4 new studio files to post so there will be lots of new content in upcoming weeks, not all of it will be paid content. The Libretro Project (comprised of Libretro, Lakka, and RetroArch) is now on Patreon!We hope this Patreon will enable us to accelerate development and be able to serve users in lots of benevolent ways!You can subscribe to my Patreon for exclusive content from me. MasterCard shuts down Robert Spencer’s Patreon account, offers no explanation. The post, which has since been taken down, is reproduced in full First month of the Playground Patreon down, and I’ve received all the pledge monies– thank you SO MUCH, from the bottom of my heart, to my Patrons. com sites Check site patreon. When made available it is perfect for Authors who have lots of content available for higher tiers. They are a business, after all. Gallery of Death We are remembering all the Patreon birds that we killed off spectacularly in our videos. Lower response time is better. 3/5(4)Patreon - Wikipediahttps://en. 5/6/2018 · The plan at Patreon is to build out a new open merchandise provider platform. 31. CREATOR PAYOUTS. 29/10/2018 · This feature is not available right now. To clarify, the project itself is not dead. com seems to be down. ” Published on January 17, 2018, 6 I have tried out patreon for quite a while, and found that the images that were created through it came out very well. You can subscribe to my Patreon for exclusive content from me. The executive referred to one of Patreon’s internal job listings as an example, and Lewis wrote down …I just noticed that my Patreon bill is a lot less than it is supposed to be and now I know why. After days of backlash, Patreon is rolling back its plans to introduce a new service fee that posed an existential threat to the way indie artists do business on the platform. " Patreon sent Southern the …Sega-owned game company Atlus Co. 4 based on 22 Reviews "Today my Patreon account was hacked and subscribed to 18 different3/8/2017 · Eventually 8chan went down, The Sarkeesian Effect stayed up, and Patreon added a series of specific prohibitions on “doxing,” hate speech, and harassment. If Patreon. If patreon. If you scroll down to the bottom, you can choose “Custom pledge” and enter in any amount you want. isdownorblocked. Back To The Source, Vol. Introduction Welcome to the Patreon API! Get familiar with the Patreon API and tools using the tutorials and references below. About Careers Create on Patreon Brand Press Partners Sitemap Creator Blog Creator Guides Patreon executives did not immediately reply to a query when contacted to comment further over its decision to shut down the activist’s profile page. Refresh your browser Force a full refresh of your browser page by clicking Ctrl + F5 at the same time. com This subreddit is totally unofficial. Several prominent members of the so-called alt-right have found themselves at a loss for an online funding platform in recent months. Probably the server is overloaded, down or unreachable because of a network problem, outage …3. Without material support from platforms like Patreon, it’s doubtful that the Antifa movement, which has been designated as a domestic terrorist organization would be as prolific in spreading its violent ideology through websites like It’s Going Down. Hopefully each new release …Patreon’s plan to raise a fortune has stalled over user revolt, which leaves the community and company both asking what’s next. org is tracked by us since August, 2018. Patreon seems to be a properly managed and really safe resource well-proved with such a huge amount of positive reviews. Patreon Backs Down From Fee Change After Outpouring Of User Fimfiction on Patreon. Alternately! If people really don’t want the blog shut down, I could try to do a Patreon to fund the blog so I could work on it in good …The subscription economy is here, and Patreon is leading the charge. ” On Friday July 28th, Patreon, a crowdfunding company based in San Francisco that allows people to make monthly donations to various projects, artists, and musicians, took down …Patreon set the rules and they don't have to follow them. reddit. By becoming a patron you are helping me improve the videos and continue to create content that is informational, fun, and family friendly. If a red area was displayed on the chart for a specific time period it means the website was down …If patreon. You might also be concerned about the future of Memberful. Thanks. View post. 8, with cheats enabled. By Abby Ohlheiser The Washington Post. comSite patreon is now available! Show similar sites patreon. I forsee a big ment drought ahead. These marketing platforms (Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Twitter, Facebook) …Patreon is in hot water again. com There's not much on the website yet as I just set it up - but you'll start to see all the old normal posts from patreon soon! Be patient through the hiccups if you have 29/6/2018 · Patreon has begun a fresh crackdown on users who make and sell adult-related content services on its crowdsourced patronage platform. A month ago I was sending monthly payments to BitChute through PayPal and Patreon now they have both been shut down. Reinstatement: If your page has been removed in the past and you are hoping to start a new one please send us a note at guidelines@patreon. I, however, wish to end my usership with the …Creator funding service Patreon found itself in the middle of an online war between members of the alt-right and the far-left Antifa movement. com might give you a better idea of what you may face there. PSDs and . ' Caldron Pool August 15, 2018 August 15, 2018. I checked out Amanda Palmer’s Patreon page. I, however, wish to end my usership with the …We collected one metadata history record for Downwithpatreon. Shares. The latest Tweets from Patreon (@Patreon). Last week, two prominent creators of Street Fighter nude mods and costume mods said they received takedown notices from Capcom. Facing pressure from its payment partners, Patreon is, once again, cracking down on adult content. Crowdfunding site Patreon this week banned the accounts of several controversial public figures, part of a wider push by tech companies to de-platform users linked to the alt-right and far right. …”Update: Instagram accounts of SgInstaBabes and its founder goes dark, Patreon page could shut down soon In the wake of overwhelming disdain and condemnation over what appears to be an attempt to pimp out wannabe social media “influencers” in exchange for monthly handouts, SgInstaBabes — or Patreon also has a beta platform that charges users when they immediately sign up for rewards. The gist of the conversation is that Susan Auger, Jacob Way, and Heather Antos (who apparently changed her last name on Facebook) were discussing ways to take down Diversity & Comics’ Patreon. com is up and dont blocked for our system and other users of the Internet. ) Currently looking into the login issue, where you get logged out if you close your browser, or you have to login again every few hours. Stream Tracks and Playlists from Patreon on your desktop or mobile device. Patreon asked if we'd join them in building this future, and we said yes. I’m gonna walk you through the entire creation process for a Patreon membership site. Patreon will never ask you for your password or two- factor code over phone or email. [Danielle Ate The Sandwich @ Patreon] Cover Lay Down was founded in 2007 as an entirely ad-free and artist-centric space for exploring the The patreon version is currently at 0. 15, 2017. Creators will be able to choose between a variety of merch partners ranging from those that turn their existing logo I want to thank you for supporting me and the You Tube Channel. 9/5(13)Patreon Acquires Memberful, An Interview with Patreon CEO https://stratechery. Patreon is in hot water again. If you've never heard of Patreon before, it's a popular funding service that is often used by YouTubers and other creators in order to receive monthly financial support directly from fans for the The above chart shows Patreon. Patreon is a known quantity, it is what it is, and Memberful being a part of that I can see leading to a big jump in growth along with the additional resources and things like that. Meyer’s Patreon account in hopes of getting the Diversity & Comics “Patreon’s takedown of Lauren Southern was a left-perspective,” he added. org. This is what the left does, this is what the left is . Fri. Patreon is a membership platform that makes it easy for artists and creators to get paid. Join over 100,000 creators earning salaries from over 2 million monthly patrons. Founded in 2013 by YouTuber and one-half of Pomplamoose Jack Conte, Patreon is currently doing $7. ” When the issue was previously brought to public attention, one of the site’s employees, Aaron Riggenberg, stated that he saw no problem with a At one of Patreon’s events, Lewis told me, an executive talked about hiring practices — as in, “you’re making so much money on Patreon that you have to hire someone to maintain it,” she recalled
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