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 Particularly, I'm interested in Deep Learning based Image/Video Super-Resolution and Generation. findContours(), cv2.  Restores the selected region in an image using the region neighborhood.  Her work is applied in computational photography and …Functional Neural Network Evaluation in Halide.  Jiaya Jia. Our goal is to ease the study and the development of general-purpose fixed-size sentence representations. D. Computational photography takes a swarm of data from images or image sensors and combines it algorithmically to produce a photo that would be impossible to capture with film photography or digital photography in its more conventional form.  Handicrafts. Computational Photography is an exciting new area at the intersection of Computer Graphics and Computer Vision.  Instructions for cloning this repository, setting up the virtual machine, and submitting the projects are found below.  Given a set of overlapping photographs of a scene shot from a single camera location, the app creates high-resolution panoramas that …Yanwen Qin (秦延文) BIOGRAPHYMr. I am currently pursuing my Ph. I am presently working on deep learning based generative models under the guidance of Dr. On the C++-side, ELF hosts multiple games in parallel with C++ threading. Cecilia Aguerrebere I conduct research on learning analytics and educational data mining for Ceibal Foundation, a governmental institution created to provide guidance to Plan Ceibal, and other national and international educational actors, in aspects related to education and technology. Powered by Jekyll, Hydeout and GitHub Pages . Open source code on GitHub; Open access PDF and supplemental Nick Antipa, Ren Ng, and Laura Waller.  The function reconstructs the selected image area from the pixel near the area boundary. Computational photography in python a project by nadvornik Updated almost 2 years ago.  in computer engineering (2007) and M.  Transitions between frames are determined by probability distribution over frames where frames that are similiar to each other have a higher probability of transition.  Awards.  Physics.  Balanced Clock Skew Compensation for Immersive Networked Interactions Based on Inter Media Synchronization Level Jaeheung Surh, Hae-Gon Jeon, Yunwon Park, Sunghoon Im, Hyowon Ha, and In So Kweon IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern problems in the field of image processing, compressive image sensing and computational photography ±Tractable and scalable modelling of natural image statistics using recurrent neural networks ±Long short-term memory (LSTM) units used to capture long term dependencies in visual datavoid cv:: inpaint (InputArray src, InputArray inpaintMask, OutputArray dst, double inpaintRadius, int flags).  4 (2017). Computer Vision, Computational Photography, Arts In this project, we built an Android App that achieves augmented reality.  I am interested in pursuing doctoral research in this area. My research interests are computer vision and computational photography.  Green patches looks similar.  I graduated from UC Berkeley in 2017 from Jitendra Malik's group working on Machine Learning and 3D Computer Vision.  Calculus I Functions of One Variable. D student (open to all) to work in some niche areas of computational photography.  On How to Get Started with the XBOX Kinect in Linux.  This is for a graduate research assistantship which must be jointly applied by both supervisor and candidate, subject to an interview and approval by university. Tech.  I have done more Canon hacking than is probably legal.  Computer Science. Computational Vision Group UCI, Irvine Email : buptwangzhe2012 [at] gmail [dot] com. .  The objective was to take in several images and 'stitch' them together, creating a result which appears natural to the eye. Poisson blending The poisson blending method allows us to select a specific region in a source image and blend it into an area in the target image.  My interests lie in computational imaging, computer …Jianan Gao.  So we take a pixel, take small window around it, search for similar windows in the image, average all the windows and replace the pixel with the result we got.  So in short, above equation says that the depth of a point in a scene is inversely proportional to the difference in distance of corresponding image points and their camera centers.  Image morphing.  - Great knowledge of any programming language.  Instruments.  Visdom …Hierarchical Visibility for Virtual Reality (HVVR) is an optimized software raycaster. Computer Vision and Computational Photography - CIS 581. Read the Docs.  9, Marcela Cavarlho and Pauline Trouvé will be at Co-design days in Paris, and I will be at the Computational photography days in Poitiers on Nov.  Kostas Daniilidis.  Optical Society of America, 2018.  I have recently been exposed to cognitive science and neuro sciences and I am enjoying it a lot.  I was a research intern at Microsoft Research, Redmond (Jun-Aug 2018).  January 27, 2018 February 13, the following link and the following python implementation in github.  small objects detection and tracking, vision theory.  I was a researcher in the Computer Vision lab at…I am working on the project of implementing an obstruction-free computational photography function that can deal with occlusions and reflections without any manual mask.  Resume.  YAY CAL weather :) My research interests lay in Computer Vision, Computational Photography and Computer Graphics.  Compatibility: > OpenCV 3.  Since April 2018, I am also a part-time research scientist at Element AI . Background subtraction is a major preprocessing steps in many vision based applications. and are the distance between points in image plane corresponding to the scene point 3D and their camera center.  My name is Mohtadi Ben Fraj. Overview A video texture is a continuous stream of images captured from individual frames of an input video sequence.  Students should be familiar with college-level mathematics (knowledge of matrices, vectors, differentiation and integration), physics (vectors, optics) and probability (probability density functions). When you perform scientific experiments on remote servers, it can be a hassle to produce live visualizations of these experiments and to keep those visualizations organized. , a 3D computational photography startup based in San Francisco.  Analog and Digital Signal Action Recognition, Computational Photography, Representation Learning Publications EPINET: A Fully-Convolutional Neural Network for Light Field Depth Estimation by Using Epipolar Geometry TasksComputational Photography-Implemented algorithms for High Dynamic Range imaging, Refocusing with Light Field imaging, 3D Reconstruc-tion from Photometric Stereo and Structured Light. Computational Photography.  Class Attendance & Participation (10%) Homeworks (60%) Final Project (10%) Portfolio of all efforts in this class (5%) Final Exam (15%)The goal of Detectron is to provide a high-quality, high-performance codebase for object detection research.  This project-based class involved implementing existing vision algorithms for interesting fun tasks. Computer Vision and Computational Photography.  This project was about morphing one image to another in increasing amounts so that a sudden change cannot be observed.  New grown points are matched with similar points in the original image for statistical similarity.  On Gradient-domain Fusion of Pictures.  Next year, I will go to TBSI for a master degree in Computational Photography.  I love my Sony a7SII.  A List of Machine Learning Challenges in 2018.  Object detection and grasping using a mobile robot.  On Face Morphism. Introduction.  In this project I implemented the …CS534 Computational Photography, 2011 Jan.  Irfan Essa is a professor in the school of Interactive Computing and the inaugural Director of Machine Learning at Georgia Tech. 0 Author: Fedor Morozov Learn how to create and process high dynamic range images.  Heterogeneous Transfer Learning via Deep Matrix Completion with Adversarial Kernel Embedding Haoliang Li, Sinno Jialin Pan, Renjie Wan, Alex C. In addition to understanding how various elements of the computational photography pipeline function together to produce novel - and sometimes stunning - results, you will be given ample opportunity to appreciate and critique artifacts produced/curated by your peers.  I was the founding Chair for the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (CIS) Malaysia chapter, the organising chair for ACPR in 2015, and general chair for MMSP in 2019 & VCIP in 2013.  Overview The aim of the project is to investigate the Dolly Zoom Effect, which is a visual effect where the background changes while the subject remains the same by simulataneously zooming and moving the camera. 4, and then subsamples it down to a quarter of the size (dividing the height and width by two). edu/cs-6475-compuThe areas of our projects include Pattern Recogntion - Deep learning, autonomous mapping and navigation, reinforcement agents, as well as a few subsets of computational photography…**Unsupervised Computer Vision: The State of the Art: Stitch Fix Technology – Multithreaded**Comparison of High Efficiency Image Coding (HEVC or H.  Doodles.  Following up on a piece he wrote about the new camera's hardware changes, the subject of today's article is software – specifically, all the work of computational photography on the iPhone XS and XS Max.  PLoS Computational Biology 13, no.  Just a Photograph7/11/2018 · GitHub is where people build software. S. I'm currently a Student Researcher at Google NYC (20%), and was a full time intern there last summer, hosted by Ameesh Makadia. Github; About me.  Research in human understanding aims primarily at localizing a sparse set of joints, like the wrists, or elbows of humans.  I am currently a 4th year Ph.  State-of-the-art methods can remove reflections on synthetic data and in controlled scenarios. December 11th 2015 Won the prize for the best Project 5 - Face Morphing for the Computational Photography classes at Berkeley! Wearing prize right now! December 1st 2015 Guess who has been picked for the awards poll for best Computational Photography projects again?I am interested in the intersection of image processing and computational photography asking questions that concern with how to obtain what we want from a camera -- the scene as an image as we see, the camera motion, the object motion, the changes occurred at different times, and blurring and geometric distortions or the lack of them. Development Process 1, Human-Computer Interaction , Introduction to Health Informatics , Computational Photography 1 , Algorithms, Data Structures and Program Development, High-Performance Computing, Com-Getting Started with OpenCV-Python: Install OpenCV-Python in Windows; Set Up OpenCV-Python in WindowsDensePose, is Facebook’s real-time approach for mapping all human pixels of 2D RGB images to a 3D surface-based model of the body. Subsampled phase retrieval for temporal resolution enhancement in lensless on-chip holographic video .  CIS 581.  Recently I am focusing on understanding semantics and geometry from images. Contours : Getting Started.  Best Demo (people's choice) at the International Conference on Computational Photography (ICCP) 2017: Computational Photography; Edit on GitHub; Computational Photography¶ Here you will learn different OpenCV functionalities related to Computational Photography like image denoising etc.  David Forsyth.  Colorization is a computer-assisted process of adding color to a monochrome image or movie.  I've spent time at Facebook, MIT CSAIL, Microsoft, Square Enix, and Linear Technology.  Advanced Computer Vision research and development.  About PhotDev.  Learn more. Biography. CSE 555 (Computational Photography) Project 0 Jing Dao Chen 1/22/2014 .  Understand what contours are. The blue patches in the image looks the similar.  I am now a member of a group of 7 Ph.  As a way to convey humorOCR of Hand-written Data using SVM; Let’s use SVM functionalities in OpenCV: Next PreviousI am working on the project of implementing an obstruction-free computational photography function that can deal with occlusions and reflections without any manual mask. Computational Photography is an emerging new field created by the convergence of computer graphics, computer vision and photography.  Canny edge detection.  Sign up Contains some of the regular applications in computational photography like HDR image generation from image stack, image matting, seam carving.  degree in 2010 from UCI majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Japanese Language and Literature.  Images with high dynamic range, ranging from extreme brights to dark darks, are as many photographers know extremely difficult to photograph well. " Computational Optical Sensing and Imaging. I do research in computational photography and video. This is an introductory course on computer vision and computational photography.  Week1 and the pre-week warm up:Computational photography generalized optics between scene and sensor digital sensor to capture focused light (electrical process) arbitrary computation between sensor and image *Sometimes people discriminate between computational photography and computational imaging.  I received the B.  DIRECTOR OF MACHINE LEARNING AT GEORGIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Dr. SentEval is a library for evaluating the quality of sentence embeddings. Mohtadi Ben Fraj's Blog About Archives GitHub.  Qin received the B. About me.  I'm interested in computer vision, machine learning, statistics, optimization, image processing, augmented reality, and computational photography.  in Cognitive Science, Xiamen University, 2019;Computational Photography Image Colorization Using Optimization in Python. GitHub is home to over 28 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.  About. com State University of New York at Stony Brook May 9, 2013 Abstract We introduce the depth sensor Microsoft Kinect and show how to start its use for developing applications on Linux.  This gives HEIF files a significant advantage in still images, image sequences, cinemagraphs and computational photography use cases. Computational Photography Assignments.  Our submission for the 15-418 Parallelism Competition is our evaluation of using Halide, a functional programming language designed for image processing and computational photography, to construct a neural network.  I'm currently a first year PhD student in Computer Science at UC Berkeley.  Learn to find contours, draw contours etc; You will see these functions : cv2. Abhishek Kar; I am a Machine Learning Lead at Fyusion Inc. omscs.  Part 0: Reduce and Expand reduce() This function takes an image, convolves it with 5x5 kernel a=0. Sc.  ActivityNet Large Scale Activity Recognition Challenge 2016: Published with GitHub Pages GitHub AIoT.  This repository contains all projects for Computational Photography.  I did my bachelors also at MIT.  in Computer Science at the University of California, Irvine (UCI).  To perform the image blending, I used SciPy and OpenCV.  This one is the most interesting; because the input video is a time-lapse, the lighting across the scene changes noticably.  Python offers some useful libraries for this topic, I already know numpy and openCV, I want to try for example scikit-image.  Software Engineer in San Francisco.  This site is dedicated to provide technical information, usage examples and files, source code and external links to various information sources related to HEIF.  Due dates & course policies can be found in the course syllabus.  The relevant features from p are then copied over into B’, and the finest B’ layer from the pyramid is then returned. Hi! I am a graduating Ph. My research interest mainly lies in computer vision, image processing, video processing, computational photography.  This means you write C++ code that builds an in-memory representation of a Halide pipeline using Halide's C++ API.  It is designed to be flexible in order to support rapid implementation and evaluation of novel research.  I did my undergraduate at Rice University with a BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering.  I'm specifically interested in interactive real-time video segmentation, reflection removal, image smoothing, intrinsic image decomposition, and practical application of my developed techniques on mobile devices. CSE 555 (Computational Photography) Project 1 High-Dynamic Range Imaging and Tone Mapping Mark Heimann & Jing Dao Chen 2/9/2015 .  * 05-12-16Brian C.  His research explores the structure and dynamics of large-scale online communication and collaboration using socio-technical system log data.  This summer, I had a intership in computational photography group at SenseTime tech.  News We are organizing a tutorial on "Functional Maps: A Flexible Representation for Learning and Computing Correspondence" at ECCV 2018 in Munich. Generative Image Composite Computational Photography, Machine Learning Oct, 2016 -- Present, 2016 Photometric Consistency for Fast-forward Videos Computational Photography, Image Processing May, 2016 -- Nov, 2016 My summer intern project at Adobe Imagination Lab Vision Correcting Light Field Display Computational Display, Computer Graphics Sep, 2015 -- Present This …It is fitting, then, that Sebastiaan would publish what I believe is the best explanation of the iPhone XS camera system to date.  Keegan is a computational social scientist whose research is at the intersection of human-computer interaction, network science and data science.  More specifically, we are able to place a user-selected food image onto a plate that locates in a real-world scene.  I’m a master’s student in Computer Science at the University of Illinois advised by Prof.  I'm also an enthusiast of photography, music and handicrafts.  Internship. Computational Photography: Texture Synthesis and Image Inpainting Problem 1 Window size = 11.  The images produced by this unconstrained texture synthesis are of good quality but require an extremely long time to compute.  It implements a hybrid CPU/GPU raycaster, suited for real-time rendering of effects such as lens distortion.  On the Python side, ELF returns one batch of game state at a time, making it very friendly for modern RL.  I did my MEng at MIT, where I was advised by Saman Amarasinghe.  The Python methods are detailed below.  My Whitepapers on Computational Photography.  Timeline Summer 2017 - Spring 2018 Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Computational Photography Advisor: Dr.  IEEE Conferences on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) Workshop on Computational Cameras and Displays, 2015 Jun Jiang, Dengyu Liu, Jinwei Gu and Sabine Susstrunk. My interests are in Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and Computational Photography.  Code, PCB design and other info can be found here and here.  Senior Design, Spring 2012.  Its role is to overcome the limitations of the traditional camera by using computational techniques to produce a richer, more vivid, perhaps more perceptually meaningful representation of our visual world.  Assignments.  We …Apply now for Computational Photography Engineer Job at Loktra in Bengaluru - We are on a mission to eliminate world's poverty by ensuring anyone who deserves finance not only gets it but gets it iComputational Photography, EE5176, July-Nov 2015 Machine learning for Computer Vision, EE6130, Jan-May 2016 Publication venues in the field of image processing and …Luckily, the past 20 years of computational photography and computer vision research and an additional 60 years of aerial stereo photogrammetry (used …Weinberg, Stephen J.  Skills: Rongzhong Li.  The actual video texture algorithm performs well, however some pre-processing could improve it.  4.  It contains algorithms that search in sets of vectors of any size, up to ones that possibly do not fit in RAM.  Week1 and the pre-week warm up:Faiss is a library for efficient similarity search and clustering of dense vectors.  It takes the descriptor of one feature in first set and is matched with all other features in second set using some distance calculation.  Education. Computational Photography (Hays, Brown) Computational Photography SIGGRAPH Course (Raskar & Tumblin) Computational Camera and Photography (Raskar, MIT Media Lab) Digital and Computational Photography (Durand & Freeman, MIT) Computational Photography (Efros, CMU)Slava Kim.  Kot. I received my B.  I am also passionate about using technology to cause meaningful change and lasting social impact.  I am a Senior Member of IEEE, a Chartered Engineer and a Member of IET. drawContours() What are contours? Contours can be explained simply as a curve joining all the continuous points (along the boundary), having same color or intensity.  Here you will learn different OpenCV functionalities related to Computational Photography like image denoising etc. Overview The Interactive Visual Media group conducts state-of-the-art research in a variety of topics related to computer vision, computer graphics and computational photography.  To begin with RenderScript, there are two main concepts you should understand: High-performance compute kernels are written in a C99-derived language.  It is based on Fast Marching Method.  2 hacker ♥️.  texture synthesisCS 4475 / 6475* (3-0-3): Computational Photography – (Instructor: Irfan Essa) – This class explores how computation impacts the entire workflow of photography, which is traditionally aimed at capturing light from a (3D) scene to form a (2D) image.  Overview .  This includes satellite photography, time-lapse, IR/UV photography, super-macro, high-speed, and low light.  "3D Fluorescence Microscopy with DiffuserCam.  Through the use of computation, its goal is to move beyond the limitations of conventional photography to produce enhanced and novel imagery of the world around us.  degree in Computer Science at Yonsei University, in 2015.  Digital Arts.  As a well-defined case study, Towards Mobile HDR Video Tassio Castro, Alexandre Chapiro, Marcelo Cicconet and Luiz Velho IEEE International Conference on Computational Photography, April 8-9-10, 2011Rather than being a standalone programming language, Halide is embedded in C++.  ofImage Composite Editor (ICE) is an advanced panoramic image stitcher created by the Microsoft Research Computational Photography Group.  This algorithm follows the same process as texture synthesis, but with the additional constraint of having each block match a target image using some correspondence map.  Undergraduate Students.  Dikpal Reddy.  High Dynamic Range Imaging. I'm interested in converting real-life problems to computational models.  I was a research intern in Computational Imaging team at Light (Mar-Aug 2017), mentored by Dr.  Detectron includes implementations of the following object detection algorithms: Mask R-CNN — Marr Prize at ICCV 2017HEIF (High Efficiency Image File Format) is a standard developed by the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) for storage and sharing of images and image sequences.  Wenqi Xian. Research Interests.  I am also a member of the Computational Vision Group at UCI, where I work with Professor Charless Fowlkes.  Contribute to tuongngoc/cs6475 development by creating an account on GitHub. Texture transfer is a similar problem in which a taget image is rendered using a source texture.  I proposed and implemented the idea of calibrating monitor color preferences using cameras with a Matlab and a C program.  I am always looking for strong graduate students to …I'm a Ph.  33rd AAAI Conference on Code (Github) 24/4/2016 · This is a demonstration of my final project for the Georgia Tech graduate course CS6475: Computational Photography (http://www.  I want to be a great data scientist.  Calculus II Functions of Several Variables.  I am a senior student who major in cognitive science and statistic in Xiamen University, China. - Implemented computational photography algorithms like HDR, noise-reduction, super-resolution, stacking, panorama or video stabilisation and optimised them, such as to run on the GPU. ReLight - I served as the lead engineer, designed a prototype of an experimental camera flash for use in computational photography, with individually controlled high power LEDs. I received Bachelor degree in Electronic Engineering from Sogang university (Summa cum laude) in 2014 and Master degree in electrical engineering from KAIST in 2016.  We work on a wide variety of problems including image recognition, object detection and tracking, automatic document analysis, face detection and recognition, computational photography, augmented reality, 3D reconstruction and medical image processing to name a few.  The UG 2 Challenge seeks to answer these important questions for general applications related to computational photography and scene understanding.  Networks and Systems. Computational photography; Neural networks; Additional Key Words and Phrases: Caricature; Image translation; GAN 1 INTRODUCTION A caricature can be defined as an art form of drawing persons (usually faces) in a simplified or exaggerated way through sketching, pencil strokes, or other artistic drawings. The reflections caused by common semi-reflectors, such as glass windows, can impact the performance of computer vision algorithms. void cv:: inpaint (InputArray src, InputArray inpaintMask, OutputArray dst, double inpaintRadius, int flags).  Mathematical Foundations.  The source code and the developers are on github.  Poetry.  Contribute to jingdao/Computational-Photography development by creating an account on GitHub. 12/5/2017 · Some Image Processing and Computational Photography: Convolution, Filtering and Edge Detection with Python May 12, 2017 January 29, 2018 / Sandipan Dey The following problems appeared as an assignment in the coursera course Computational Photography …DxO, Image science engineer Development of image enhancement algorithms for DxO Optics Pro software Computational photography, image processing, C++, Python, OpenCL Five Apes, Computer scientist CPU / GPU implmentation of low level image feature detectors for image recognition Image processing, C++, OpenCLAn in-depth review of Georgia Tech's (GaTech's) OMSCS classes of CS 6400, CS 6475, and CS 6750 which cover databases, computational photography, and human computer interaction.  B.  Complex Variables and Transformation Techniques.  HEIF Reader/Writer Source Code at GitHub . In particular, she works on unconventional imaging system design using joint digital/optical performance model. In Computational Photography (CIS 581) at the University of Pennsylvania, I developed code for fully-automatic image stitching.  We assess their generalization power by using them as features on a broad and diverse set of transfer tasks (more details here).  A detailed study of the perceptual, technical and computational aspects of forming pictures Computational Imaging Computational Photography Computer Science Computer Vision conference conferences Conservation correlate Course Builder crowd-sourcing CVPR Data Center Data Discovery data science datasets Deep Learning DeepDream DeepMind distributed systems Diversity Earth Engine economics Education Electronic Commerce and AlgorithmsBasics of Brute-Force Matcher¶.  Outside of class, I managed a software project for a client of my club , and am working on this neat automatic Nerf turret I …Read the Docs v: latest .  Digital photography has made it easier than ever to capture realistic-looking portraits of the world, but so have advances in computer graphics.  bigshot blackout CAVE computational photography film game photography kickstarter kinect nvidia PhotDev specular unreal vr.  3.  Brute-Force matcher is simple.  student in Computer Science and Engineering Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), supervised by Prof.  Ollie Cossairt. Potential applications include visual surveillance, robots, entertainments etc.  Apprenticeship. inpaint() First algorithm is based on the paper “An Image Inpainting Technique Based on the Fast Marching Method” by Alexandru Telea in 2004.  I open source my research projects as well as implementations of state-of-the-art papers on my GitHub and tweet exciting stuff on my Twitter.  Process Optimization. View PhotDev’s profile on GitHub; View PhotDev’s profile on Google+; Tags. ) student in the Electrical Engineering department at the Indian Institute of Technology, (IIT) Madras. I was an undergraduate student at the School of Computer Science and Technology, Tianjin University, conducting research in computational photography advised by professor Shiguang Liu.  MPEG; HEIF standard ISO/IEC My research interests focus on Computational Photography and Deep Learning.  A Bayesian Hyperprior Approach for Joint Image Denoising and Interpolation, with an Application to HDR Imaging, Cecilia Aguerrebere, Julie Delon, Andr es Almansa, Yann Gousseau, Pablo Mus e, IEEE Transactions on Computational Imaging, 2017.  Communications and Signal Processing. My research interests include computer vision and deep learning. [12] Hang Zhao, Boxin Shi, Christy Fernandez-Cull, Sai-Kit Yeung and Ramesh Raskar, “Unbounded high dynamic range photography using a modulo camera”, ICCP 2015 (International Conference on Computational Photography).  Probability Statistics and Stochastic Processes.  Goal. Computational Photography Group, Facebook 5/2017 - 8/2017 Research Intern Seattle, WA Worked with Kevin Matzen on data-driven approach for photo-realistic video enhancement. My research interests include: Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Shape Analysis, Computational photography, and Sparse Models.  More than 28 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 85 million projects.  On Nov.  Linked all GitHub resources.  We discuss the options for frameworks andDeveloped by Alice Wang and Jordan Mecom.  CS 116, Computational Photography and Vision. Coursework for Computational Photography.  Both can be accessed by the same function, cv2.  Kaushik Mitra as a part of my Master's Thesis.  My advisor is Dr.  Color preference of a monitor is critical for photo editors to post-process photos. This fall, I plan on taking Operating Systems and System Programming, Introduction to Embedded Systems, and Image Manipulation and Computational Photography.  Address: Room 2079, School of Computer Science and Longquan Dai, Mengke Yuan, Liang Tang I am a software engineer at Google Research, where I work on Halide, an open-source DSL designed specifically for computational photography.  candidates for a part of the National Major Project of Scientific Instrument, called Multi-dimensional and Multi-scale High-resolution Computational Photography Instrument. In my free time, I enjoy dabbling in photography, hanging out with my three cats and jamming out with my brothers (when I'm home), reading modernist/postmodern literature and poetry, and solving/playing visual puzzle games like Sudoku and Flow Free.  and M. In this talk, the speaker takes you on a journey of how AI systems have evolved over time.  Image Denoising; See a good technique to remove noises in images called Non-Local Means Denoising:The general idea of image analogies is to, for each layer in a Gaussian pyramid, iterate over each pixel, q, in B’, and find some pixel, p from A’ that is the best match to q. This is the first of four city video textures that we made. High-dynamic-range imaging (HDRI or HDR) is a technique used in imaging and photography to reproduce a greater dynamic range of luminosity than is possible with standard digital imaging or photographic techniques. Abstract. E. The code for can be found here.  14 Jan 2018. Overview.  I worked on camera calibration (geometric and spectral).  See a good technique to remove noises in images called Non-Local Means Denoising.  PhotDev is there to help you work with the newest photographic techniques.  In my spare time, I develop the Taichi computer graphics R&D infrastructure.  ( Spring 2017 ) Contests.  Donghun Ryu, Zihao Wang, Kuan He, Guoan Zheng, Roarke Horstmeyer, and Oliver Cossairt, "Subsampled phase retrieval for temporal resolution enhancement in lensless on-chip holographic video," Biomedical Optics Express 8, 1981-1995 (2017).  This may suffice for applications like gesture or action recognition, but it delivers a reduced image interpretation.  Wei Jiang and Jinwei Gu.  I also enjoy teaching, and currently, I’m a TA for the course Applied Machine Learning.  I created this blog to document the things that I learn in my journey. Introduction to the Microsoft Kinect for Computational Photography and Vision Marina von Steinkirch, steinkirch@gmail. International Conference on Computational Photography (ICCP), 2011 video We created a capture and processing pipeline to generate HDR video on a mobile phone by taking sequential multiple exposures.  Image Inpainting. [Nov.  student working with Professor Michael (Miki) Lustig and Professor Peder Larson.  The Problem. I started my research work in computational optics & computational imaging since I was a senior in Tsinghua University.  My research interests include 3D computer vision, computational photography, and deep learningI'm interested in Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Computational Photography, HDR Imaging, Image Registration, Cross-Modality generative models, Heterogenous Face Verification & Identification.  Yu-Chiang Frank Wang.  You can then compile this representation to an object file, …IEEE International Conference on Computational Photography (ICCP) 2016, 2017; Color Technology for Museum Applications Workshop 2014; CIE Lighting Quality and Energy E ciency 2012 Reviewer OSA: Optics Express, Applied Optics, Journal of the Optical Society of Amer-ica A; IEEE: International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal ProcessingGithub; Biography.  Smith, and Guillermo Sapiro.  Bronze Prize 24th Samsung HumanTech Paper Award, 2018Computational photography (photo module) Use OpenCV for advanced photo processing.  13.  degree from the Department of Automation, Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Chongqing, China in …Computational Photography of the 5d lightfield that we all know and love.  On Depth Sensors Applications for Computational Photography and Vision. 265) encoded HEIF files with JPEG images and GIF animations.  Our lensless system consists solely of a diffuser placed in front of a standard image sensor. Previously, I have TA’ed Data Structures and Introduction to Computing.  I am a final year Dual Degree (B. Jaeheung Surh, Hae-Gon Jeon, Yunwon Park, Sunghoon Im, Hyowon Ha and In So Kweon, “Noise Robust Depth from Focus using a Ring Difference Filter”, In Proc.  in electrical and computer engineering (2010 Welcome :) Greetings from Cecilia.  Implementing computational photography applications like digital refocus and depth-based coloring; Keywords: Matlab, openCV, C; Engineering Intern We are looking for 1 Masters/Ph.  "Video Stitching with Spatial-Temporal Content-Preserving Warping.  is the distance between two cameras (which we know) and is the focal length of camera (already known).  Email: lqdai at foxmail dot com or dailongquan at njust dot edu dot cn. Assignments and Grading.  To read the full writeup, visit Alice’s website.  Gradient-domain image processing is a technique with numerous applications.  We demonstrate a compact and easy-to-build computational camera for single-shot 3D imaging.  Sign up Computational photography library.  student in Computer and Information Science at the GRASP Laboratory, University of Pennsylvania, under the supervision of Dr.  For example, consider the cases like visitor counter where a static camera takes the number of visitors entering or leaving the room, or a traffic camera extracting information about the vehicles etc.  For more information, please refer to my CV. ELF is an Extensive, Lightweight and Flexible platform for game research, in particular for real-time strategy (RTS) games. RenderScript is especially useful for applications performing image processing, computational photography, or computer vision.  This course will explore image formation, image features, image segmentation, image stitching, image recognition, motion estimation, 3D point clouds and will touch upon basics of augmented reality. 2. 🎮 Computational Photography Studies & Research 🎮 My Whitepapers on Hacking the XBOX Kinect.  Image Denoising. Our interdisciplinary group is combining a number of computational approaches, including unsupervised and supervised machine learning, natural language processing, distributed systems, and computational photography and machine vision with traditional econometric approaches and social theory to better understand the relationship between the Shao-Hua Sun My research interests span over the Taipei, Taiwan.  External Links . Plan Ceibal is a national policy program that has been implemented over the last ten years in Uruguay.  I'm interested in computational photography and videography, integrating data-driven approach and physically accurate rendering forward models. Computational Photography Stereo Matching 3D Computer Vision [Google Scholar] Publications.  Analytical Performance Modeling-Modeled empirical server loads and improved server farm system design using Markov Chain Theory, Queuing Theory and Operational Laws.  I was an intern at Microsoft Research Asia (Beijing, China) in 2018. My research interests include deep learning, computer vision, image/video enhancement, and computational photography. gatech.  Our goal is to develop new applications for manipulation, reasoning and communication with visual media.  Often, the map is the luminance of the target image.  Versions latest Downloads htmlzip On Read the Docs Project Home Builds Free document hosting provided by Read the Docs. Several algorithms were designed for this purpose and OpenCV provides two of them. Computational photography, especially algorithms that help people take better photos; Physical simulation for VFX and its combination with machine learning and robotics; High-performance systems for computer graphics. My interests include Computer Science Education, Computational Photography and Data Science.  18] In November, we present our works on Deep Depth from Defocus a few times. Research Intern, Computational Photography Summer 2017 Facebook Research, Seattle, WA Research Intern, Imagination Lab Summer 2016 Adobe Research, San Jose, CA Research.  Longquan Dai is an Assistant Professor in Intelligent Media Analysis Group Image Processing, Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Computational Photography